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So you do not miss the opportunity to explore the rewards that this form of payment gives you, I will explain what it is and what are the most common myths of these plastics.

What are credit cards for traveling?

What are credit cards for traveling?

They refer to credit cards (TDC) with special benefits on flights, lodgings and national and international merchants, which travelers usually use.

Some of the advantages they offer are: discounts on airline tickets or reward points for reservations and purchase of vacation packages, prices and promotions in hotels , hostels and houses for rent, as well as discounts in restaurants and many more activities you can do while you’re out of town

These plastics usually have alliances with airlines, hotel chains and access to VIP lounges in airports. For each purchase you make, you accumulate kilometers or miles to exchange for products, flights or discounts on tickets.

Almost all banks have a credit card specialized in travel or related to an airline. However, they are not usually the first choice of cardholders because they may not be frequent travelers or because there are usually misunderstandings about their use.

Myths of travel credit cards

Myths of travel credit cards

Here are three common myths of specialized travel cards, many of which arise from the lack of knowledge about this kind of financial products.

1. It doesn’t bring me any benefit when paying with it

On the contrary, almost all travel TDCs or linked to an airline have a rewards program , so if you take them to pay, you will accumulate points . We recommend you check if you earn some extra benefit when using the plastic during your trip abroad, you could save some pesos.

2. I spend more when using them during my trip for the currency exchange

Not necessarily, this depends on the TDC and so that it is your trip. If you are an experienced traveler, it is almost certain that when you buy with her abroad she will offer you extra rewards as explained in the previous point.

What really matters here is if your card handles commission for currency exchange , if so, it is convenient to make the payment in your national currency when the terminal gives you the option, otherwise, it is best to pay with the foreign currency.

3. Outside the plane tickets, it is not very useful

These types of credit cards are specially designed for the frequent traveler, so they usually offer specialized insurance to guarantee purchases with specific services. Check what your plastic gives you so that you can take advantage of it if you need it during your next itinerary, because depending on the range, your special benefits offer can include up to the 24-hour concierge service.

If you have a national or international departure at the door, we invite you to make use of this type of card and its benefits, to buy everything related to the trip: either before or during it. You can also use them on a daily basis to increase your points and improve the options for your outings, but do not forget to keep your payments and keep a budget to avoid spending more.

The responsible use of your credit cards, either during the trip or in your city, is necessary to maintain healthy personal finances and avoid the acquisition of unpayable debts that would jeopardize the rest of your outings.

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