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“Gagarin Show” is the world’s leading cryptocurrency entertainment and education YouTube channel. The show was initially launched in July 2020. The mastermind behind the concept of the show and its main host is Volodymyr Nosov, the CEO of Europe’s largest cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBIT which is used by 3 million people in the world. The show has already posted 77 videos, has 18 million views and has nearly 80,000 likes. Gagarin Show’s mission is to popularize and shed light on the vast world of crypto. The language of the show is Russian and each episode includes English subtitles. The YouTube channel has 4 categories that cater to audiences who are both new and familiar with the industry.


The Gagarin Show YouTube channel offers the following categories:

Gagarin show – the signature and main broadcast of the channel hosted by Volodymyr Nosov and Glib Ushakov. Hosts invite celebrities and introduce them to the world of crypto. Together with the guests, they discuss the latest blockchain trends and news and present them to the industry in an accessible and easy-to-understand way. So far, Gagarin Show has 4 seasons, including two seasons co-hosted by top co-hosts.

Cryptocurrency for Dummies – a program that gives simple and understandable definitions to the various topics of the crypto sphere. Hosts Volodymyr Nosov and Glib Ushakov answer frequently asked questions in a humorous, yet educational way. This category is for viewers new to crypto and looking to understand the industry.

Cryptocurrency NOT for Dummies – another educational show, only for advanced followers of the crypto sphere. Hosted by anonymous presenters who give in-depth technical descriptions of crypto.

UhoNos – a separate show that highlights news outside of the crypto world. Hosted by Volodymyr Nosov and Glib Ushakov who comment on the latest happenings around the world.

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