ABC to Launch Courtroom Comedy Show “Judge Steve Harvey” in 2022

Steve harvey will host a new kind of show in the coming year.

ABC comes from announcement today that he gave the green light for a 10-episode comedy series that will star Family quarrel host Steve Harvey. The working title is Judge Steve Harvey.

Harvey is reportedly running the courtroom as he will be the judge, jury, and star of the new series set to debut on ABC in 2022. ABC has put out a casting call for the new series through its Twitter Account.

“Judge Steve Harvey” will be a court show that will host a variety of conflicts, situations and characters in the courtroom. Disputes range from small claims to big disputes and everything in between. Judge Harvey will play by his own rules and make judgments in the court cases he presides over based on his own life experiences and old-fashioned common sense. The show “Judge Steve Harvey” will be a one-hour, unscripted prime-time comedy set to air on ABC in 2022.

The show “Judge Steve Harvey” will be produced by Den of Thieves in association with the new alternative unit of Walt Disney Television. Executive producers will be Steve Harvey, Brandon Williams, Jesse Ignjatovic of Den of Thieves, Evan Prager, Jared Morrell and Barb Bialkowski. Myeshia Mizuno will be showrunner and executive producer.

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