Adult cannabis in Argentina: President supports debate in popular TV show, says alcohol is more harmful than weed

By El Planteo.

“What’s in the black box in your life?” “ In tune with the new winds of 2.0 communication, generational change and new ways of relating to content, the famous Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos interviewed Lionel Messi after his arrival in Paris. The same day, one of the most popular journalists on the internet was able to do the same with the Argentine president.

It is Julio Leiva, radio host, editorial director of Filo News and head of Caja Negra (Black Box), the interview series that has built bridges between generations and has already established itself as one of the most interesting YouTube products of the 2020/2021 harvest. Something that, as he told El Planteo, never ceases to amaze him.

Its versatile guests range from top streamers, athletes, musicians, artists and top politicians. And, on this occasion, Julio Leiva’s special guest on Caja Negra is none other than Alberto Fernández, President of Argentina.

Recently, Fernández has come to the attention of the cannabis world, first with the permission of the Registry for the Self-Cultivation of Medicinal Cannabis (REPROCANN), his repeated statements on the legalization of adult marijuana and his vision progressive issue. .

In this conversation, Leiva had the opportunity to ask the President about his views on cannabis for adult use.

Here are some of the highlights of the interview:

  • “In my case, it’s about taking care of the unknown.
  • “I have no problem stimulating this debate.”
  • “There are some things we don’t make sense to discuss at this point: The use of marijuana is widespread. It is also true that it is a drug that damages health. Our problem is alcohol use. , not the use of marijuana. “
  • “We need to open a debate on the legalization of marijuana. Alcohol does a lot more harm and no one is affected by it.”
  • “I am watching with great interest what is happening in Uruguay.”

Alberto Fernandez with Julio Leiva in Caja Negra

Note: Turn on auto-generated English subtitles to understand the conversation.

Below we share with you the transcript of the “cannabis moment” during the conversation between Leiva and Fernández.

Julio Leiva: One of the topics of interest is marijuana. During your mandate, will the recreational cannabis decriminalization project be presented?

Alberto Fernandez: Look, this is a problem: it seems to me that everyone is tempted to come to me with the marijuana problem.

And there are some things that it doesn’t make much sense for us to discuss at this point. First, that the use of marijuana has increased, that a lot of young people are using it. It’s true.

It is also true that marijuana is harmful, that it is like any other drug and that it causes damage to health. One should ask, and I am not in a position to answer this question, whether the damage to health caused by marijuana is greater or less than the damage caused by tobacco or alcohol. Because the biggest problem we have with young people is alcohol use, not marijuana use. And on the consumption of alcohol, there are no restrictions. An 18-year-old can drink a bottle of gin every night, and there is no restriction on this. And that’s a problem, a huge problem now.

When I am invited to this debate, I always think “well, let’s debate, but without hypocrisy”. The first thing we need to do is stop the hypocrisy. Marijuana is harmful. Tobacco kills with cancer and alcohol degrades humans.

If these two are legal, I would like to know why this one is illegal? This is the first thing I wonder. I always ask myself this question. If I stopped here with my statement, you’d think, “This guy is going to legalize marijuana.”

I think, little by little, we have to take action. We have already legalized marijuana for therapeutic purposes, for medicinal purposes. We promote hemp for textile purposes, for textile production. And we have to reflect and open a debate at some point on the legalization of marijuana.

Now the people who pay for the use of marijuana are the consumers. They are not the ones who are most responsible for the problem. Either way, the problem will be the traffickers. Since they are part of organized crime, who touch the levers of power to avoid being prosecuted. It is happening here and around the world.

Therefore, I am following with great interest and attention what is happening in Uruguay. We have to pay attention to it. It is a debate which is very good to hold, it must be had.

Julio Leiva: Could we see him during your presidency?

Alberto Fernandez: I have no problem generating these debates. To tell you the truth, I am a very liberal guy in these areas. And I believe that in the end, everyone has the right to decide, even to hurt themselves. However, the state must warn them against this harm. And then go ahead, if this evil puts others in danger.

We all know people who smoke tobacco, drink alcohol, and smoke marijuana, surely we know people who use other harder and more complicated types of drugs. These are already in another area: they have other characteristics, and are clearly harmful.

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