Al Aan TV Presents 15th Anniversary Comedy Show and Musical Performance – Middle East Campaign

Arab influencers and prominent media figures joined in the grand celebration of Al Aan TV’s 15th anniversary at the Address Hotel in Dubai Marina. The high-level meeting also attracted the region’s most famous entrepreneurs and inspiring personalities, some of whom attended physically while others virtually.

The prominent guest list included Captain Fareed Lafta, who holds several Guinness World Records; Dr Basem Al Halabi, a renowned plastic surgeon; and Dr Ammar Omar, founder and owner of Royal Sky Group. They shared their successes and advice with younger generations to motivate them to continue advancing in their careers and help them overcome challenges.

Al Aan TV also announced that Abd Al Jabbar Mansouri from Algeria was the winner of his songwriting competition, an initiative launched as part of the 15th anniversary celebration. The duo Eman Khallouf and Mohamed Badr, in addition to the Emirati comedian Ali Al Sayed, were present in the rally to perform a short comedy show. Arab stars Hisham Haddad, Joseph Attieh, Myriam Atallah, Mohamed Attieh and many celebrities from the Arab region participated virtually in the event.

Solange El Rassi, Head of Public Relations and Corporate Communications at Al Aan TV said:e birthday. My sincere gratitude and appreciation to this esteemed organization and its current and former teams. As we celebrate 15 years of remarkable excellence and success at a critical time in Arab media history, we look back on our milestones in our efforts to promote Al Aan TV as a trusted source of news and information. and a platform that allows the community members of the Arab world to participate in the creation of news.

“We would like to thank our guests for participating in our celebration. We also take this opportunity to congratulate Abd Al Jabbar Mansouri, the winner of our songwriting competition. We owe a lot of gratitude to our dear viewers as we consider them an important partner in our successful journey. As a primary source of support and inspiration, our viewers motivated us to overcome challenges, deliver creative and top-notch content, and reshape the concept of media coverage. We have made progress in our initiatives to create an ecosystem that fosters audience engagement and contribution to media coverage and content creation, ”added El Rassi.

Committed to covering the news objectively and accurately, Al Aan TV gives voice to the voiceless and broadcasts targeted entertainment to enrich the viewer experience. It also aims to forge partnerships with various institutions to empower the younger generations and equip them with the skills necessary for successful careers, especially in content creation and media.


Javier E. Swan