Alex Drobin stands out as a host of tourist programs and real estate agent in Canada

Published: Publication date – 13:01, Thursday – 14 Jul 22

Hyderabad: There is nothing better than turning your passion into a job. After all, doing what you love with immense passion is the highest level of satisfaction you can achieve. Pursuing his passion and making a name for himself, Alex Drobin has had a remarkable career as a travel host. Anyone who is passionate about travel and loves watching travel shows should know about Alex Drobin and his work. He worked as an animator for the famous channel Travel XP.

During his journey, he documented and traveled to different countries around the world. Living by the quote that says, “To travel is to live,” Alex believes that we only have one life and we should make the most of it. Sharing his experiences of exploring the beauty and culture of different countries like Canada, Taiwan, Ireland, India, the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates, the travel host continues to learn the traditional virtues during his travels.

Additionally, he is the host of shows like “Food Fact Fun” and “Off the Grid”, which have over 25 episodes airing in different countries. When asked what he loves most about his job, Alex replied, “My job allows me to travel to unexplored destinations in the world. In addition to living in the present moment and making the most of it, I like to share my travels with people. From looking at the images in books and screens to experiencing them for real, my journey has been one of a kind.

Apart from his professional work as a travel host, Alex Drobin also works in the real estate industry. He is a Platinum Award-winning Realtor for RE/MAX Professionals Sidorova Inwood Realty in Toronto, Canada. Alex has won multiple awards and accolades for selling lavish real estate space to his clients, including Toronto-area doctors, lawyers, engineers, designers and IT experts. Although traveling brings him alive, Alex works with dedication as a real estate agent.

According to him, having different sources of income is imperative in today’s dynamic world. Hence, he has not only built a successful empire but also helps his clients to earn good fortunes in the real estate market. “To be successful, you have to step out of your comfort zone and take on challenges that test your potential. I feel privileged to accelerate my career and thrive as a successful travel show host and real estate agent,” concluded Alex.

Javier E. Swan