Amazon’s latest streaming service to cancel popular show after just one season

The world of streaming entertainment is getting pretty tough to break into. As providers like Netflix are cancel series such as Archives 81 after just one season, viewers may find it harder than ever to get attached to what could be their next favorite show. Unfortunately, the library amazon prime watch just suffered its own loss, as the sci-fi drama JK Simmons / Sissy Spacek night sky just got canceled with only eight episodes to its name.

News recently fell from Deadline that the show, created by executive producers Holden Miller and Daniel C. Connolly, has been officially axed. After Franklin (JK Simmons) and Irene York (Sissy Spacek), night sky told the story of its central couple and the adventures/complications they encountered after discovering a random portal in their own backyard.

With the ability to travel to a desolate planet light years away, there were some interesting curveballs, but unfortunately night sky no longer explore these possibilities. Amazon Prime is no stranger to single-season cancellations, as past prestige efforts as The Last Tycoon Where Mad Men by designer Matthew Weiner The Romanovs failed to score sophomore seasons.

These are just a few examples that make up the platform’s unique story of saying goodbye to shows after just one spin on the streaming carousel. Unfortunately, even with a history of good reviews and the dynamite coupling of JK Simmons and Sissy Spacek, night sky gave way to the harsh light of cancellation.

Streaming series seem harder to get going than ever, with many series from platforms like Netflix and others making the list of Single season cancellations in 2022. The competition is pretty fierce, especially when Prime Video has other series like Chris Pratt’s The list of terminals who are also vying for a spot on the same streamer’s list of must-see events.

We could even see night sky cancellation as a means of reducing the Amazon Studios listing. If this studio’s rationale is similar to why Netflix canceled some single-season shows, it could just be that this single season is acting as some sort of pilot in the streaming ecosystem. night sky The older cast and sci-fi theme make it even more of an outlier in the market, and the upside is that the show got one of those lucky chances to tell a long story that could have led to bigger things.

Still, you can count on a dedicated handful of viewers to keep the show’s memory alive, transforming your friends, family, and anyone who will listen to the drama that captured their hearts. Both night sky and The list of terminals are currently available for Amazon Prime Subscribers enjoy. If you are interested in checking out what 2022 TV Schedule has in store for the coming year, you can view this information at your leisure. Just be careful which shows you get attached to, because no one knows where the ax of undoing will swing next.

Javier E. Swan