Australian talk show host under fire for laughing at fire scare at Meghan Markle’s nursery

A talk show host has been slammed for laughing at Meghan Markle after revealing on her podcast that her son Archie’s nursery caught fire.

Markle shared the shocking story during the first episode of her Spotify podcast series, Archetypes. The Duchess of Sussex was joined by her friend and tennis star Serena Williams as she spoke about the heartbreaking story, which unfolded during a royal tour of South Africa in 2019 when Archie was not was only four months old.

Markle then expressed dismay that she and Prince Harry had to attend another royal engagement moments after learning of the fire.

On Wednesday August 24, the hosts of the Australian talk show Today discussed Markle’s new podcast. But after hearing the story, host Karl Stefanovic laughed it off.

“So, just to make it right. The baby, what, not even there? he asked co-host Allison Langdon.

“The nanny had taken the baby out of the room before the fire broke out,” she said.

Stefanovic scoffed: “So the baby isn’t there when the fire starts, is it? And because the baby wasn’t there, she was going to have trouble getting to a party? »

“Oh my god,” he muttered.

Langdon urged his co-host to give Markle the benefit of the doubt when she said the Duchess was a “new mum” with a little baby in another country, but Stefanovic burst out laughing in defence.

“It’s not you talking,” he told Langdon. “You are a woman who says, ‘Develop a set.’ That’s what it would normally look like.

After the broadcast, many people on social media called out Karl Stefanovic for poking fun at Meghan Markle’s personal experience and praising her for sharing the story of the nursery fire despite the criticism.

“’Grow a pair’ really!!? What world do you live in,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Just heard the podcast. It’s awesome,” another user replied.

“Come on Meghan amazing job,” someone else said.

It comes after Piers Morgan took Twitter Tuesday to criticize Markle’s account of the Archie nursery fire. The broadcaster wrote: “He wasn’t even in the room and no one was hurt. Can you imagine the queen lamenting having to [attend] a commitment in this circumstance? Markle’s victimization knows no bounds, nor does her thirst for trashing the royal family while earning $$$ from them. It’s shameful and pathetic.

The Duchess of Sussex released the first episode of her podcast Archetypes Tuesday, as part of his multi-million dollar deal with Spotify. The series was also produced by Archewell Audio, the production company founded by Markle and Prince Harry in conjunction with their organization, Archewell.

The podcast seeks to explore the labels and stereotypes that try to hold women back.

Javier E. Swan