Bahamas talk show host to be honored by Bahamian American Association – Eye Witness News

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Bahamian talk show host and international motivational speaker Spence Finlayson will be among the honorees at New York’s Bahamian American Association Inc. 110th anniversary celebrations next month.

Finlayson took the hugely popular Bahamas-based Immediate Response radio and TV show to New York last Thanksgiving and broadcast live from the Bahamian Consulate at 231 E. 46th Street for two days, interviewing outstanding Bahamians in the region. from New York.

According to the BAAI, he is honored for his distinguished work and contributions to
advancing the mission and purpose of the organization.

Finlayson, the son of a carpenter and a straw seller, was born and raised in Nassau and has been an international motivational speaker for 36 years with more than 5,000 speaking engagements in more than 35 foreign countries.

He hosts the Bahamas-based Immediate Response radio and TV show on ZNS every weekday from 9-11am with a global audience.

According to a press release, the Prime Minister’s wife and Spouses Bureau representative, Ann Marie Davis, will be the special guest at the event.

“BAAI is proud to host this event, which will be an exciting afternoon of lunch, dancing, silent auctions and networking, during which they will present distinctive service recognition awards to guests of honour.” , we read.

“Recipients include artist Frano the Great Gaskin, businessman Robert Johnson, Hon. Adam Clayton Powell IV and the New York CaribNews.

Finlayson, said he was so excited and honored by this honor as he continues to
keep to the promises of God.

Javier E. Swan