BBC The One Show host Jermaine Jenas called on the police against racist trolls during Euro 2020

One Show host Jermaine Jenas calls on social media giants to “crack down on trolling” as he describes online platforms as “the black market for racism.”

It comes as he reveals he called the police after receiving disgusting abuse during Euro 2020.

In a recent interview, Jermaine revealed that he took down Twitter because he felt the platform was no longer a healthy space for him.

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The 38-year-old explained: “I got a lot of offensive comments during the Euro which was not cool. Few games I played, I tended to Twitter afterwards, a lot racial abuse “.

“It got to the point after Game 3, I think I had to delete Twitter. It wasn’t a healthy place for me.”

Jermaine had previously described himself as a laid back person, but the abuse had made him a more sensitive person.

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His revelations come after he admitted calling the police over the racism he received and said police highlighted “directly racist” tweets aimed at him after the tournament.

Jermaine also explained that the police tracked down the trolls behind the abuse and that he made a statement about it.

Over the past year, Jermaine has worked with Channel 4 on a new documentary on racism in football after teaming up with the Football Policing Unit. The documentary is called Hunting The Football Trolls: Jermaine Jenas.

The former footballer describes an incident in his career where he was called a “demi-c *** ec ** t” on Instagram but after reporting the abuse the platform told him that the tongue didn’t did not violate community guidelines.

He defined his experiences on how Instagram treated racism as a reason other racially abused footballers choose to do nothing because they think “what’s the use of taking nine hours off when nothing happens. “.

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