Brooklyn Comedy Collective presents GUT REACTION LIVE! With talk show host Colleen Nickelback

Join the Brooklyn Comedy Collective’s presentation of America’s longest-running talk show still running, Gut Reaction Live !, with this episode’s host, Colleen Nickelback (Laura Ornella).

This episode describes the events in Whalen, Minnesota where the unthinkable happened: two chaperones were caught squeaking at the Jefferson Middle School fall dance. But fear not, because Gut Reaction Live! is here to pick up the pieces and investigate the truth!

At the reins of this hour-long talk show on the fritz is a new daytime host (the show just doesn’t seem to hold a host for very long!) And storytelling genius Colleen Nickelback, and she asks the important questions. . In a series of live interviews, meet eyewitnesses, students, teachers and passers-by who were at the crime scene that fateful night. The drama is sure to heat up when Nickelback gets an exclusive interview with the Salacious Chaperones-turned-Grinders themselves.

Nickelback is everything you want in a daytime TV host: nosy, off balance, and ready to work to shed some light on the situation! It’s just a shame that everyone is leaving this show because they can’t handle its twists and turns. Part improvisation, part characters and 100% antics, this show masterfully transforms everyday life into a hilarious drama.

Join us for this immersive “live episode shoot” and be a part of American daytime television lore!

Sunday December 5, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. (doors at 6:30 p.m.) at Eris: 167 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11206

Starring Fallon Boles (Young Douglas), Erica Diederich (Characters Welcome) Alex King (BoogieManja), Edson Montenegro (BCC), David Morton (Jersey Boys), Laura Ornella (Humor Darling) and Kevin Ralston (Short Com Film Festival).

Laura Ornella is an actress and comedian by training specializing in characters and skits. She trained and performed at UCB, The PIT, and Brooklyn Comedy Collective. Recently Laura appeared in a Comedy Central sketch. She is part of Boogiemanja’s sketch team, Wilburn, and she also founded the comedy platform Humor Darling.

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Javier E. Swan