Camila Raznovich, a popular show is back in rai: the final decision

Ray is set to welcome Camila Raznovich again, with a popular show beloved by Italians: there will be five dates this summer.

Broadcaster set to return to Rai Networks (via Getty Images)

transition Spoke 3,Kilimanjaro‘, does not abandon its viewers and is ready to return with its version’ Summer ‘ Camila Raznovich. Once again, the program will bring the public to familiarize themselves with the beauty of the Italian landscape. There will also be an overview of art and culture in the cities. There will be five episodes in the summer season and it will air from today at Raw 21:20.

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The program replaces the spin-off.Everything is onHe will share moments in the studio and documentaries. In some of these contents, the protagonist will be Raznovich, who will accompany viewers in the discovery of the hidden treasures of the peninsula. Indeed, in the early evening, Camilla will climb the Alps Herve Parmassi, after taking a trip on Matterhorn. While in the next few episodes it will go toAsinara, with the editor Umberto Bellisari.

Camila Raznovitch returns with “Kilimanjaro Summer”: previews of tonight’s episode

The host is back on air tonight (via Getty Images)

There’s a lot of news on the air tonight at Summer on Kilimanjaro. In fact, on tonight’s show there will be many guests, like sisters Laila Sarah Shirvani, musicians of Anglo-Persian origin. He will also participate in the episode Paul Magri, executive vice-president and directorISPI (Institute of International Political Studies), Vincenzo de Bellis TV and radio author Francesco Lancia.

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Camila Raznovic is back on air after the tournament finalThe Borgo dei BorghiThe presenter had said goodbye to the program on April 25, before leaving with the summer edition of Kilimanjaro. The program was signed by Cristoforo Giorno, Massimo Favia, Maria Iudis, Sergio Leszczynski and Antóngiulio Panese, Camila Raznovich And Fabio Roberti. While the management is managed by Andrea Dorigo. See you tonight at 9:20 p.m., with the show to be broadcast Spoke 3.

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