Classic Shakespeare moments recreated in comedy show at Willits Community Theater October 8-24 – The Willits News

  • Sam Porter appears as Hamlet in the Classic Address to Yorick.

  • (from G. to D.) In a parody of Othello, Jeff Shipp and Sam Porter admire the famous moor played by Mike A’Dair, with its moored boats. (Photos by Matthew Caine)

  • Mike A’Dair in the role of Juliet seems quite taken by the attentions of Romeo played by Jeff Shipp.

  • Jeff Shipp, Sam Porter and Mike A’Dair are featured in the Comedy Medley of Shakespearean Moments.

A mix of classic Shakespearean moments takes place in The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, an abridgment presented in the outer plaza of 77 S. Main, October 8-24. The hilarious take on the Bard’s best-known scenes brought together in one show is the brainchild of Renaissance Fair cast members Adam Long, Daniel Singer and Jess Winfield, who first conceived the comedy in the 1980s and then the revised in 2011.

Starring in the 1.5-hour production, WCT veterans Mike A’Dair and Jeff Shipp, as well as newcomer Sam Porter, who all appear in the many different roles, from Othello to Hamlet, and Juliet, and other female characters.

“It’s a really fun show,” says A’Dair, who also directs. “For those who admire the genius of Shakespeare, this puts his work on a level of fun for everyone.”

Returning the 37 works of the bard in an hour and a half means that quite a few liberties have been taken. Othello becomes a rap song. All 16 comedies are mixed in one place. Julius Caesar is shortened to less than a minute and Antony and Cleopatra is cut even further. The result, A’Dair says, is non-stop hilarity.

The play was England’s longest-running comedy, appearing for nine years at the Criterion Theater in London. Recently on The Today Show it was said, “If you love Shakespeare, you will love this show; if you hate Shakespeare, you’ll love this show. “

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged opens Friday October 8 and runs through Sunday October 24. The first weekend, the shows are Friday and Saturday without a Sunday morning; the shows for the second and third weeks will take place from Thursday to Sunday. Evening shows are at 7:30 p.m., Sunday mornings at 2:00 p.m.

Tickets are $ 15 for Sunday and Thursday shows and $ 20 for Friday and Saturday. Tickets are available online at wctperformingartscenter, org and at the door. In accordance with Covid-19 protocols, those attending must show a vax card or photo of it on their phone and will also be asked to wear a face cover inside the theater.

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