‘Comedy series’ says Tejashwi after Amit Shah warns people about ‘Jungle Raj’ in Bihar

After Union Home Minister Home Minister Amit Shah accused Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar of stabbing the BJP and warning people against returning “Jungle Raj,” CM MP Tejashwi Yadav gave a scathing response. He said Amit Shah’s speech was like a “comic show”.

Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader said the Union minister did not talk about rising unemployment and inflation but said “nonsense”.

Speaking to the media, Tejashwi Yadav said: “I had said that when he comes he will talk nonsense. He did not talk about inflation and unemployment. Prime Minister Modi had said during a rally in 2014 that Bihar should be given special status and attention, but he (Amit Shah) did not talk about that or inflation or unemployment… He is deceiving the people of Bihar. speech sounded like a comedy show.

Lalu-Nitish duo will be wiped out in 2024 general election, says Amit Shah

On his first visit to Bihar after JD(U) split from the BJP, Amit Shah said the people of the state will “wipe out the Lalu-Nitish duo” in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections and the party saffron will come to power in the state in 2025.

Speaking to BJP’s ‘Jana Bhavna Mahasabha’ in Purnia, Shah said, “In 2014 you (Nitish Kumar) had only 2 seats in Lok Sabha, ‘naa ghar ke rahe the, na ghaat ke’. the people of Bihar will annihilate the Lalu-Nitish duo. We will, with a full majority, come to power here in the 2025 polls.”

Amit Shah also warned people against the return of ‘Jungle Raj’. “I would like to ask Nitish Kumar and new minister Lalan Singh if people who do fodder scam have become ministers in your cabinet, how are you going to catch them? And then he (CM) tries to think of banning CBI under pressure from Lalu there is a danger of ‘Jungle-raj’ looming over Bihar,” he said.

Amit Shah also claimed that Nitish Kumar had deserted the BJP to fulfill his ambition to become the next prime minister. “I am sad that for becoming Prime Minister, Nitish Babu stabbed the anti-Congress politics from which he emerged and sat in the lap of the RJD and Congress. I want to ask you all – can you Nitish Babu to become Prime Minister by switching sides for power? Can this government of Bihar work?’ He asked.

Image: PTI

Javier E. Swan