Comedy show ‘Bring the Laughter’ to be held at Harrow Arts Center

A new comedy show called ‘Bring the Laughter’ will take place this summer at our very own Harrow Arts Centre.

Over the past few weeks, Harrow has become the epitome of entertainment with numerous events that have brought the community together.

Another exciting event has been organized by LuvEntertainment to be held on July 15 – a perfect way to start the summer at the Harrow Arts Centre, Hatch End.

Organizer, LuvEntertainment, run quality comedy show tours across the UK and are known for many successful comedy shows – now they’re going to showcase their talents at Harrow.

This comedy event features some of the most popular comedians such as Patrick Monahan, Sukh Ojla, Prince Abdi and Eshaan Akbar. The stars will bring new flavors and laughs from the different cultures represented across the borough.

As we know, laughter is one of the best ways to release stress/pressure and improve your mood, and it will be a great way to end a long week and spend time with your loved ones.

Ticket prices start at £19.99, this will be a show you wouldn’t want to miss and as stated, “Our events are the place for a guaranteed fun night out where you can kick back, relax and laugh with friends, family or work colleagues.’

Bring the Laughter will take place from 7:15-9:45pm and everyone is welcome of all ages and backgrounds. This event is an opportunity for Harrow residents to unite and share laughter through comedy!

For more ticket information, please see

Javier E. Swan