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Andrew Bird is a comedian from Northamptonshire who has been involved in comedy for twenty years. He has supported renowned comedians such as Jason manford and Michael mcintyre Across the country. Bird started off his show by making the joke that he is “his own support number”. Both because he “can say he’s so good he has the same support number as Michael McIntyre” and because “he’s too cheap to pay for another number”.

Bird’s jokes are relevant and fun for anyone who attends his shows; there will be a joke for everyone to enjoy

Bird’s jokes are relevant and fun for anyone who attends his shows; there will be a joke for everyone to enjoy. Pointing out the absurdity of COVID-19’s effect on the world, he says, “for goodness sake if something is funny, laugh” – and we all need it at this point. He jokes about home schooling his kids for 7 months which a large percentage of people can relate to.

After a string of hits, finally getting his first televised gig in his 20 years of stand-up, Bird felt like “it would take something monumental” to derail his momentum – it was his last thought before the news of COVID-19, and as a result, Bird spent even more time building his excellent number while most of us watched Netflix in our pajamas.

In order to encourage audience participation, he uses the audience to create some of his jokes. This makes Bird’s act more successful because it adds an element of spontaneity and makes each performance slightly different – and therefore special. Looking at the humor about his audience, like his beating against the builders in the audience, a heckling will take “6 months” and he will still have to call the plumber to finish his heckling later.

Andrew Bird uses elements of dark humor in his performance, tackling difficult topics in a way that respects what others have been through and remains humorous; for example, he jokingly debated about Ian cognito – who unfortunately died on stage – before concluding: “Ian would have joked about it.

Laughing with Bird is a bit like laughing with a friend in a pub

Comedy is something the world sorely missed in today’s troubled times, and watching Andrew Bird is absolutely a callback to what we all hope to return to. Going to see him offers an experience with a very rooted but also very talented person; laughing with Bird is a lot like laughing with a friend in a pub, and the embellishments of Bird’s stories really immerse you in the moment and hook you into every word. I would sincerely recommend anyone to go see one of his shows – I will definitely go see another of Andrew Bird’s shows!

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