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The Birmingham Comedy Festival kicked off on 1st of October of this year, and I had the chance to go see the very funny and very chic, Max Fosh, on the first night of his very first national tour, Zocial butterfly. Many may already know Max, perhaps best known for his YouTube series, “StreetSmart”, in which he interviews university students and the public, often asking them very stimulating questions while they are usually very drunk, or his recent stint for mayor in London among many candidates, including his colleagues YouTuber Niko Omilana. Being a big fan of Max, I had to go see the Zocial Butterfly tour.

I had the chance to go see the very funny and very chic Max Fosh

Before Max started the show, a message was projected onto the screen saying that if you can Instagram DM Max one of your unique talents, you have a chance to win £ 10,000 in cash. It was a segment that Max kept coming back to during the show, and only added to the hilarity of the evening. There have been attempts to name 30 years of Eurovision winners (in order), a gymnast, a Ron Weasley impressionist, and the name of every US state from A to Z (which was not only impressive , but also successful). Max was faced with the difficult task of picking £ 10,000 worth of talent out of that mixed bag of hidden forces, and eventually he went with the gymnast, who rocked and jumped all over the Birmingham Glee Club stage. . She will be taken to the final show of Max’s London tour at the Clapham Grand, competing with a talent selected from all of Max’s other shows for the £ 10,000 cash prize.

Zocial Butterfly was a perfect night out if you weren’t familiar with Max’s previous work and YouTube videos, as he compiled short edits throughout the show of his videos, including his day at a nudist camp. in which he accidentally shared a little too much on YouTube. , and his quest to find the country’s youngest Gary, following the recent news of the name’s extinction. Max showed us a Zoom call he had with younger Gary, a Zoom call he paid a lot of money for, to talk to a three month old baby. There was a lot of laughter about this material, and any new Max fan can take comfort in knowing that these jokes are accompanied by videos to be found on Max’s YouTube channel.

He compiled short edits throughout the show of his videos, including his day at a nude camp in which he accidentally shared a little too much on YouTube.

On his first night on his tour, Max did a superb job and ended the show with a well-executed joke that made the audience laugh. A running joke of Max is growing up in a posh family, being sent to a posh private school, and trying to make a living without “daddy’s help.” Earlier on the show, Max revealed that the method he uses to get through posh events is to respond to people alphabetically, often coming up with random adjectives to complete his AZ quest (and randomly saying xylophone, for good measure). As Max thanked the audience for coming to his first live show, we quickly began to understand that he was using the A-Z method on us, and as he got to the last letters of the alphabet, he got it. is exclaimed “xylophone” again, before thanking us for coming to her “Zocial Butterfly” tour, dispelling any confusion as to why the tour was so aptly named “Zocial”, rather than “Social”.

Watching Max Fosh at the Glee Club in Birmingham was a great night of much needed comedic relief, and I and the audience all laughed a lot. When I checked Twitter after the concert I saw that Max was inundated with a lot of well-deserved love for his first night on his first tour and good wishes for the rest of the tour, which is taken to Oxford. , Newcastle, Edinburgh and London. I’m sure the rest of the public would agree with me when I say we can’t wait to see what Max will do next, whether it’s buying another roundabout or visiting another nudist site.

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