Comedy Show Review: Romesh Ranganathan – La mixtape du cynique

As a longtime fan of Romesh Ranganathan who has laughed heartily at his various appearances on all TV shows, I expected big things from his stand up show at Bristol Racecourse. To put it bluntly, it didn’t disappoint.

Ranganathan took the stage and, in just seconds, had already wowed audiences with his self-deprecating humor while joking that tickets for the show were bought over two years ago thanks to the pandemic. Although he couldn’t perform live during this time, he returned with a bang.

The audience couldn’t help but crack down

The comedian made jokes about his wife and kids, being brutally honest about his family in a way that many people might relate to but are generally too scared to say it themselves. The story of Ranganathan’s children on the beach remained a key motif of the show, weaving through each section and tying the whole thing together, essentially making the entire two-hour sequence tangent to the original anecdote. It worked well – the audience couldn’t help but crack up every time Ranganathan said “anyway, we were on the beach …” reminding them that he had once again digressed.

Ranganathan’s ability to discuss important social issues within his set without making fun of them or making unpleasant jokes was particularly refreshing. Veganism, racism within football and the LGBTQ + community were all hinted at in his comedy setting, but instead of making these communities the butt of jokes like so many other comedians do, Ranganathan pleaded for them. and instead laughed at the sectarian comments made about them.

To describe Piers Morgan as a “c ***,” one of the funniest moments was Ranganathan’s discussion about the LGBT sandwich at M&S ​​and queer education in schools. Without saying too much (I’m not sure the exact language is quite appropriate here) Ranganathan ridiculed those who opposed homosexual education in elementary schools and made arguably the best joke of the evening. .

Every joke hit the mark

Overall, Ranganathan delivered a hilarious and surprisingly insightful comedy show. Every joke hit the mark and audiences were in turmoil throughout filming, a feat that only underscores Ranganathan’s ability to capture an audience and nail every anecdote.

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