‘Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah Jokes About Campaign Attack Ad Targeting Tina Kotek

If you’re sick and tired of seeing wall-to-wall election attack ads, you’re not alone. During Wednesday’s episode of “The Daily Show,” which was filmed on location in Atlanta this week, host Trevor Noah took the stage for an opening monologue in which he lamented the relentless negative political ads. leading up to the 2022 midterm elections.

After cracking a few jokes about Atlanta restaurants and sports fans, Noah then opened up about the barrage of non-stop political ads. “I watched 10 minutes of TV last night and saw 30 minutes of commercials,” Noah said. And most of them were, he added, “nasty like (expletive).”

The phenomenon is not limited to Georgia, Noah said. “Every campaign in America right now is flooding the airwaves with attack ads.”

Noah decried the spots, saying, “It would be one thing if the attack ads simply highlighted the political differences between the candidates.” But attack ads don’t do that, he continued. “Because, like everything else in America, it has to be oversized.”

A montage of apocalyptic-sounding clips of advertisements then aired, including one from the Oregon Right to Life PAC, which said, in part, “Babies need to watch their backs because of Tina Kotek,” the Democratic presidential candidate. of governor.

“I’m sorry, what?” said Noah. “Babies have to watch their backs?” If you’re a baby watching this ad, he said, you’ll get your diaper dirty even more than usual (Noah used a little saltier language than that).

The Kotek campaign and the Oregon Democratic Party ran their share of negative ads about his Republican opponent Christine Drazan, with both sides accusing the other of being too extreme.

“I’ve never seen an attack ad trying to scare babies,” Noah said, before adding that such ads don’t help because “they paint adversaries as evil monsters, inherently evil. It’s poisoning the whole country. Because what happens to bipartisanship after that? People think about it, huh? You can’t say, ‘Yes, I said my opponent wanted to drink the blood of the children, but now that the elections are over, that doesn’t mean we can’t work together on infrastructure.”

—Kristi Turnquist

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