Darren Bailey picks former Tory talk show host as running mate

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – Senator Darren Bailey says Stephanie Trussell is the best running mate for him as he enters the race for governor of Illinois. The two spoke to supporters on Monday during an event at Fozzy’s Bar and Grill in Loves Park.

“Stephanie is a really good communicator, she wants the best because she’s seen the best and the worst in Chicago, and she also wants better Illinois,” Bailey said.

But shortly after the announcement, a series of anti-Donald Trump tweets from Trussell resurfaced on social media.

“She backed another candidate, in the primary, and I think some of those feelings continued, but we know she’s a Trump supporter, and we knew part of that was going to come out,” he said. said Bailey.

The tweets included quotes such as “If I were to suddenly support Trump, what kind of person would I look like?” I could never look at myself in the mirror, ”and“ My skin crawls when Pundit calls #Trump the leader of #GOP, he doesn’t represent my values. ”Trussell claimed she rethought that position.

“I did a Facebook live on my way to an event to brag about not being a Trump supporter and that I was never going to vote for him,” Trussell said. “When I started to interact with the different people, I came back from this event deeply for Trump because I understood what his message was, I understood his plan for America.”

Trussell said his goal was not to deny the past, but to move forward and focus on a better future for Illinois.

“I understand that they are ready to challenge me on what I may have said when I was on the radio, when I was a candidate, not that everything I said then was not genuine, ”added Trussel. “But now we’re trying to get our message out and what’s important to Illinois is what’s most important.”

She claimed the private Twitter account with those controversial tweets was a more family-friendly page and that she was ready to deal with any questions that might arise.

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Javier E. Swan