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Created: Oct 13, 2021 7:46 AM

A beloved DJ was a driving force behind one of Bermuda’s best sound systems.

Dennis Maynard, also a radio show host, was known as Bussy, part of the double act China and Bussy.

Benjamin Smith, a friend who made music with Mr Maynard, said: “Bussy was above all about making people happy – if he could make your day, it made his own.

“He was lighting up a room. I think that’s what’s going to be missed the most.

“With everything we are all going through, with Bussy, your morale was automatically raised.”

Mr. Maynard formed China and Bussy with Kingsley Burchall, a friend from elementary school.

Mr Smith said their parties were “overwhelmingly popular” from the 1990s.

He added: “Bussy was a loving and spiritually uplifting person for those who lent their ears.

“He was deeply rooted in the Rastafarian faith and was very familiar with the Scriptures and their meaning.

“He loved life, loved his children and was loyal to his friends. “

Mr. Maynard was the father of Rhondasha Wilkinson, Shalae Johnston and Skye Davis.

He became the host of Drive Home on KJAZ 98.1FM in 2009 and Mr Smith said it was a privilege to be on air after his friend.

He added: “I always knew I would have a good show if I came after Bussy. He just set the mood.

Mr. Maynard won the Best of Bermuda Gold Award in 2009.

He said The Royal Gazette back when he was thriving on new music.

Mr. Maynard said, “You feel it and like Bob Marley said, when you feel it, you don’t feel any pain.

“And then when you’re in front of a big crowd, it turns you on. I party – I’m a mic man.

“I blackmail everyone and you will sing along with me. It’s all about the vibe and getting the party where it’s supposed to be.”

Mr. Smith and Mr. Maynard opened Club Minaj on Water Street in St George in 2012.

Mr Smith said the club had been his friend’s dream.

The two collaborated on a song created as a jingle for Mr. Smith’s workplace, Sargasso, over the summer.

Mr. Maynard opened and closed the song, Get Ya Gasso on, with his typical DJing style of speech.

Mr. Smith said: “It was an incredible project.

“I was so honored to have my best friend on the track. We had the privilege of having it.

“It’s going to live because Bussy helped make this track.”

Mr. Smith added that Mr. Maynard was “my brother, my boy, my best friend and my confidant”.

“He will definitely be missed.

“Bermuda will never see someone else like Dennis Maynard – trust and believe.”

• Dennis St Clair Eugene Maynard, a veteran DJ, was born November 34, 1970. He passed away this month at the age of 50.

Javier E. Swan

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