Doordarshan says Ramayan breaks ratings records worldwide and becomes most-watched entertainment show

Since the beginning of the confinement, all the mythological dramas have returned to the television screens to entertain the public and bring back the golden age. Among which, Ramayan was the one who brought back the real smile on everyone’s face. After some time of its telecast, even the younger generation started to get interested in it and the rerun of the show started ranking in the TRP charts. According to a recent tweet from Doordarshan, Ramayan has become the most watched entertainment show in the world.

Breaking all TRP records, the show drew a viewership of 7.7 crores on April 16. The saga starred Dipika Chikhlia Topiwala as Sita, Arun Govil as Ram, Sunil Lahri as Lakshman, Dara Singh as Hanuman, Lalita Pawar as Manthra, and Arvind Trivedi as Ravan.

Not only Ramayan, even other channels have decided to entertain the audience by re-airing some of the popular mythological dramas like 2011 – Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, 2013 series Mahabharat, 2017 show Mahakali – Anth Hi Aarambh Hai and many more .

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Not just on the TRP charts, Ramayan has also entered the meme game as the internet is flooded with funny memes and videos about the show and its characters, especially Lakshman. Recently, Sunil Lahri, who appeared as Lakshman, expressed his views on internet memes and said that he loves people’s creativity and the excitement with which people come out with new content.

Javier E. Swan