Dwyane Wade talks about “The Cube” and being the show’s host

Dwyane Wade talks about his life as a successful game show host.

The 40-year-old family man ventured into the entertainment world after retiring from playing in the National Basketball Association in 2019. Interestingly, Wade seems to be thriving in his new role as a game show host , even though he did not. for a very long time.

Dwyane Wade nearly turned down ‘The Cube’ gig

Shortly after getting the green light for a second season, Dwyane Wade opened up about his duties as host of the TBS game show, “The Cube.” The British game show, brought to America by TBS, focuses on tough competitors with mental and physical tasks they must sort through while confined in a cube. Any contestant who can complete all the tasks while in lockdown can walk away with the $250,000 prize.

In addition to hosting “The Cube,” Wade also has executive producer rights, all of which were backed by his wife and actress Gabrielle Union. Talk with a business traveler of his foray into the entertainment scene, the 40-year-old said:

“Being a host is one of my favorite roles. “I love hosting backyard dinner parties. My wife is exactly the same. So when it comes to The Cube, I just bring people to my place, which is the stage. And I get to know them during a match, as I would during a dinner.

Wade added that he did his job as a game show host, but as someone who had to “bring out the excitement of this game” while also exciting and connecting with the contestants. As someone who grew up in Chicago, the father of four had time to watch game shows like “Jeopardy!”, “Double Dare,” Supermarket and his favorite, “The Bozo Show.”

Wade said he saw children rushing to earn money by successfully knocking a ping pong ball into six buckets every morning before going to school. This was the start of his dream of hosting a game show. Despite his big dream and his achievement, SI pointed out that the three-time NBA champion was hesitant to accept frontman duties for ‘The Cube’.

His hesitation might have to do with the amount of preparation he had to do to prepare for this new path. The former Miami Heat shooter had to work with a welcome coach and a vocal coach and trained for over a month to gear up for the mission. Wade told the sports outlet:

“Bro, I had all the hesitation. It was a whole new kind of anxiety and nervousness. But eventually when the contestants came out, that’s when I was comfortable , that I was talking to people and that I could have conversations with people that I would never have had otherwise.

Thankfully, all of his hard work paid off, and he continued to build lasting relationships with some contestants on the show, chatting with them occasionally on social media.

The 2006 NBA Finals MVP and his stunning wife celebrate a wedding milestone

August ended with Wade and Union celebrating a milestone in their marriage. The Blast shared that the duo celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary, leading Wade to post a sweet video montage of some of their most meaningful moments over the years.

The clip included media from their wedding day, vacation getaways, red carpet events and even the day they welcomed their daughter, Kaavia James Union Wade. Although the content is fun to watch, what brought tears to people’s eyes was the voice of the “Bring It On” actress reading her vows on their wedding day in the background.

After promising to “love unconditionally, laugh with you and wipe away your tears,” Union told her boyfriend that she would be by his side “at every turn.” Wade’s voice quickly took over and described love as “waking up to your [Union] smile.” Union had even more to say to her hubby as she wrote in the caption:

“I have been married to my best friend for 8 years now, and a lifetime to go. There were tears and tantrums, triumphs and immense gratitude for our love. I love your evolution and your willingness to look at yourself FIRST before pointing fingers.

After noting how the 13-time NBA All-Star could “throw caution to the wind” and lead their families without remorse, Union prayed for a journey “filled with joy and laughter, compassion and grace.” The emotional post received over two million plays and 200,000 likes.

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