Fearless Improv is City Theater Company’s long-running improv show

Fearless Improv is the long-running comedy improvisation show of the City Theater Company (CTC).

Throughout CTC’s 29-year history, the team has performed at venues all over the state with an ever-growing cast and fan base.

For the past decade, Fearless Improv has hosted a monthly show that attracts regulars and new fans alike — that is, until COVID-19 forces them to go dark for two years.

An improvisational performance is a shared experience between the performers and the audience. Our shows are based on the suggestions, participation and energy of our fans, which allows us to create a unique and unprecedented show each time.

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So when we returned to the stage last February, it was our first opportunity in nearly two years to share that experience again.

Turns out we all needed it.

Our audience wanted to laugh and we needed this platform to showcase our art form that we love and miss so much. For everyone in that room, there was a catharsis.

We’re so excited to be back “doing our thing” every month with in-person shows at the Delaware Contemporary, in conjunction with CTC’s residency there (more on that later.) None of us are taking this opportunity for granted. Every moment we can have this shared audience experience is special for each of us.

Fearless Improv is the long-running comedy improvisation show of the City Theater Company (CTC).

The forced hiatus from live broadcasts during the pandemic had a positive side in that, for the first time in a long time, the Fearless Improv team had the opportunity to step back and dream of what they could do. else beyond the monthly broadcasts. . This coincided with the City Theater Company entering into a partnership with The Delaware Contemporary.

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One of the benefits of partnering with the museum is that we have a home base with room to grow. In addition to being back on stage every month, we look forward to expanding our educational programming. We’ll bring back old favorites like Intro to Improv, Improv for Teens, Improv for Teachers, and add new opportunities including Improv Camp and Professional Development Workshops.

For the past decade, Fearless Improv ran a monthly show that drew regulars and new fans alike — until COVID-19 forced them to go dark for two years.

We hope students will take the improvisational skills they learn – listening, supporting, trusting, risk-taking, collaborating, celebrating differences – and using them to adapt and thrive in their everyday lives. .

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None of this is possible without our sponsor, the Banque des artisans. Their continued commitment to ensuring we all have the chance to laugh together is so appreciated and Fearless Improv is so grateful for their support.Dan Stabb is the Creative Director and Jana Savini is the Education Director of Fearless Improv. Visit us at www.city-theater.org or @CityTheaterCo on social media to learn more about upcoming improv performances and the 2022-23 season.

Javier E. Swan