Former TODAY Show host Katie Couric says Prince Harry ‘reeks of alcohol’ and dumps former colleagues in revealing book

KATIE Couric doesn’t pull many hits in her 500-page memoir Going There, according to a pre-publication manuscript revealed Wednesday.

The star presenter sparked a torrent of criticism against her former love interests, daring friends and colleagues, career failures and even claimed Prince Harry reeked of cigarettes and alcohol.


Katie Couric doesn’t pull many hits in her 500-page Going There memoirCredit: Facebook / Katie Couric
The star TV reporter recalled Prince Harry reeked of cigarettes and alcohol


The star TV reporter recalled Prince Harry reeked of cigarettes and alcoholCredit: ABC
She wrote that the combination would be "ooze from every pore


She wrote that the suit would “ooze out of every pore” on her body.
Once the world's highest-paid journalist admitted she took career missteps and hit Martha Stewart and had a 15-minute date with Michael Jackson


Once the world’s highest-paid journalist admitted to career missteps and taking pictures of Martha Stewart and having a 15-minute date with Michael JacksonCredit: Getty

She recalled meeting Prince Harry at a polo match in Brazil during his “wild oat sowing phase” and the smell of cigarettes and alcohol seemed to “seep from every pore” of her. his body.

While the book is about to hit stacks in October, but is already causing a stir, leading one reviewer to say it “should be called Catty Couric’s Burning Bridges,” according to the Daily Mail which reported ‘first realized the juicy pages after getting a preview preview of the manuscript.


Couric looks back on his 40-year career in television.

She admitted to behaving frigidly towards other women on TODAY because she had to “protect my territory”.

She also admitted that she had failed to raise Ashleigh Banfield early in her career because “the mentorship sometimes felt like self-sabotage,” according to the Daily Mail.

She was also not very nice to her predecessor today, Deborah Norville, accusing her of having a “major relativity problem” that turned viewers off.

The book suggests that Martha Stewart’s ego needed “healthy humiliation (prison will…) To develop a sense of humor.”

Couric and late comedian Joan Rivers were reduced to silent enemies after asking if she had had plastic surgery when she hosted the daytime talk show Katie.

Backstage, Rivers let Couric have her by saying, “Who does she think she is for? She’s on her knees blowing 14-year-olds,” referring to the youngest boyfriend of Couric at the time, Brooks Perlin, according to the Mail.


When self-proclaimed billionaire Jeffrey Epstein hosted a dinner party in 2010 at his Upper East Side palace in Manhattan, Couric remembered spotting Prince Andrew.

She called Epstein’s $ 75 million townhouse “Eyes Wide Shut with a twist – spooky chandeliers and body part art.”

During the notorious gathering, guests were given lasagna in shallow bowls and Epstein mingled in front of the fireplace with Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn, George Stephanopoulos and Charlie Rose.

She questioned Prince Andrew and Epstein: “I couldn’t imagine what Epstein and Andrew were doing other than trying to cultivate friends in the media.

“What, in retrospect, they must have thought they would need when the accusations of pedophilia started rolling in.”

The Duke of York is set to face a trial in the US after the UK High Court agreed to serve papers on him.

He vehemently denies the allegations made against him.


As a wife, Couric admitted that her star power “made our marriage home like a bossy guest,” which made her first husband Jay Monahan feel eclipsed.

Monahan died of cancer.

In retrospect, the TV presenter now realizes that dating Brooks Perlin “cried midlife crisis.”

She claims in the book that she had a rebellious streak because throughout her life she hadn’t done anything “particularly outrageous,” according to the Mail.

Another regret was when she had Perlin moved into her house without getting her daughters’ approval.

When they saw a 30-something walking around her house topless, it created a distance between them and her parents.

She went back in time to other dates.

There was an awkward 15-minute date with Michael Jackson.

She said the takeaway from the little time spent with the King of Pop was her handshake, which she said looked like a “dead fish.”

She said her romance with Tom Werner was over after he interrupted her in an email.

Couric called Werner a “manual narcissist” who “bombarded love” with flowers and gifts, the Mail reported.

As an aspiring journalist, Couric recalled a meeting with playwright Neil Simon, who was 30 years his senior.

When they got back to her hotel, she said they kissed, but the evening was cut short due to Simon’s “blood pressure medication”, she wrote, according to the Mail.

A date with television legend Larry King, who was also nearly a quarter of a century older than her, ended in King’s apartment where Couric claimed he gave her a shot. “slit” on the sofa.

She claims he was using his hands and tongue, but she pushed him away and said, “When I love, I really love.”


When Couric left TODAY to host rival CBS Evening News and also produce specials for 60 Minutes, she was the highest-paid journalist in the world, earning $ 15 million a year, according to the Mail.

But Couric says she intimidated colleagues who she said saw her as an “existential threat.”

Couric admits she didn’t soften her landing after refreshing her network office and believes there was “internal sabotage” by CBS executives to see her tenure wouldn’t last.

Couric wasn't overly nice to her predecessor TODAY Deborah Norville, suggesting she had a


Couric wasn’t too kind to her predecessor TODAY Deborah Norville, suggesting she had a “major relativity problem” that turned viewers off.Credit: Getty
The TV presenter now realizes that dating Brooks Perlin


The TV presenter now realizes that dating Brooks Perlin “cried midlife crisis.”Credit: Getty
Katie Couric surprises COVID unit nurse with amazing gift

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