Fundraising for a comedy show to benefit a baby with neuroblastoma

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Saturday night at the Knights of Columbus in Chicopee, a fundraising evening for a comedy show was held to benefit 6-month-old baby Addy and her family while she receives treatment. for neuroblastoma.

This “Funny Raiser” comedy show is built on laughter and backed by kindness. Tickets and raffle entries will be used to help Addy and her family, who are facing numerous hospital bills while their daughter receives treatment.

The community gathered on Saturday for an evening of laughter and fun, but most importantly an evening of giving back. 22News spoke with Addy’s parents and comedy star Jess Miller about the community fundraiser.

Addy’s mother, Alyssa Alaned, of Belchertown, said: “It means a lot to me and my family. We’ve been through the tough road with Neuroblastoma, with our daughter Addy, and watching people come together and help us, and support us through this crazy time means a lot. And, seeing as it was a sold out event, that makes it even better.

Funny Raising Comedy Show host Jess Miller said: “That’s exactly what we do. We want to make the community a better place and you can do that by laughing and making money, and that’s fantastic.

Saturday night’s show sold out with 250 tickets sold; full house at the Knights of Columbus.

Javier E. Swan