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Gagarin Show – an entertainment show about cryptocurrencies

Gagarin Show is the world’s leading entertainment show about the cryptocurrency universe. In an effort to spread knowledge about blockchain technology to the public, the YouTube show is constantly informing its audience about the vast and crucial changes that the future of the new industry entails.

The first episode aired in July 2020 and since then the YouTube channel has a total of 77 episodes. The show was watched by 18 million viewers and has nearly 80,000 passionate subscribers. Gagarin Show is the project of its host Volodymyr Nosov, who is also the CEO of Europe’s largest and most important cryptocurrency and fiat exchange, WhiteBIT, which has 3 million users worldwide entire. The show offers both accessible and in-depth analysis of crypto and finance news and updates – all with an added ingredient of humor.

The YouTube channel is divided into 4 playlists: Gagarin Show, Cryptocurrency for Dummies, Cryptocurrency NOT for Dummies and UhoNos. The language of the show is Russian with English subtitles available.

Gagarin Show is the channel’s key show and is hosted by Volodymyr Nosov and Glib Ushakov. The hosts are accompanied by celebrity guests with whom they cover and discuss the basics of crypto and blockchain. Each episode has a segment dedicated to breaking crypto news, with hosts discussing the latest happenings with guests. The show currently has 4 seasons, the last two featuring famous co-hosts.

Cryptocurrency for Dummies is a category where Volodymyr Nosov and Glib Ushakov answer frequently asked questions on a variety of topics in the crypto world. The hosts describe the given topic in an easy-to-understand manner as the show is aimed at an audience who have just become familiar with blockchain and everything related to it.

The NOT for Dummies cryptocurrency is a similar category to the latter, but it is hosted by technical experts in the field of blockchain technology. The hosts have anonymous identities and dive deep into the subject of blockchain in an advanced way, providing useful information for experienced enthusiasts and blockchain enthusiasts.

UhoNos is a program that offers a humorous analysis of daily, local and global news. UhoNos is hosted by Volodymyr Nosov and Glib Ushakov.






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