Gordon Smart to host nighttime entertainment show on Rupert Murdoch’s new TV business

Gordon Smart, former show business editor of The Sun, will present a flagship entertainment news program on Rupert Murdoch’s new television company.

The nightly show, titled News To Me, is the first confirmed program for the UK News service, scheduled to launch in the spring.

The panel will be broadcast live and on demand via connected TVs and major streaming platforms.

News UK TV vs. GB News

The Murdoch “channel” is expected to broadcast about five hours of new programming each night, mixing entertainment and news.

He will go one-on-one with FR News, the “opinionated” station chaired by Andrew Neil, who signed another former Sun showbusiness editor Dan Wootton to host a daily show.

Sebastian Scott, Head of Programming at UK News, said: “News To Me will bring you a fresh take on global entertainment news, updating viewers in a way that no other show in the UK is currently doing.”

“Storytelling skills”

“Gordon is well known to readers of The sun and beyond, and his great energy and storytelling skills will make the viewing captivating. “

Smart has already spent 14 years at The sun, becoming Deputy Editor and Editor-in-Chief of the Scottish Sun. He left to present a weekday rock music show on Radio X in 2017.

UK News the leaders are said to be looking to woo Alan Sugar and Piers Morgan on the new platform, which is expected to feature an early-evening political show and a nightly political debate program.

Disillusioned BBC viewers wanted

FR News is set to add radio presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer to its lineup, which will include a nighttime show hosted by Andrew Neil.

Supported by media giant Discovery, FR News will offer a more partisan view of current events, but denies that it is a UK version of the right-wing Fox News.

FR News and the Murdoch “channel” are embarking on the belief that there is a large group of viewers who do not feel taken in by the BBC.

Tale of the Band

Dan Wootton

Age: 37

Born: Wellington, New Zealand

Style: The prominent celebrity confidante has turned into a political radio presenter and provocative columnist.

Story: Multi-award winning editor-in-chief of The Sun’s Bizarre showbusiness column, promoted to editor-in-chief. A regular entertainment contributor to ITV’s Lorraine program who branched out into political commentary with talkRADIO drivetime show.

TV Show: will present the GB News show five days a week: “I am passionate about GB News’ bold vision to bring a new approach to TV news and debates that embrace all voices and opinions across Britain . “

What to Expect: Scoops like Wootton’s ‘Megxit’ story, exclusive interviews with Madonna and Harry Styles, and dogged monologues on ‘waking culture’ and lockdown.

Gordon Smart

Age: 40 years old

Birth: Edinburgh

Style: Noel Gallagher and Bono’s Pal who parties the night away with the band – and always brings the story back.

History: Editor-in-chief of the Sun’s Bizarre showbusiness column, who went on to become associate editor as well as editor-in-chief of The Scottish Sun. Passionate about guitar bands, left to launch Radio X. Now drawn to a big role in Rupert Murdoch’s News UK.

TV Show: “News To Me will bring you a fresh take on world entertainment news” five evenings a week on News UK TV, broadcast via smart TVs.

What to Expect: Irreverent debate over the day’s Sun-style showbiz stories with a regular panel. Inner tales of the “monumental tear” enjoyed by all on the occasion of Noel Gallagher’s 50th birthday.

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