HBO Max’s Most Popular Show Isn’t Even an Original Series

The most-watched show on HBO Max is apparently Comedy Central South Park, a series that not only isn’t an HBO Original, but isn’t even owned by WarnerMedia. The series has managed to overtake shows like game of thrones, Friendsand Our flag means death in March, according to figures from Parrot Analytics. This likely means Warner will scramble to find another show to fill. South Parkniche, because they risk losing the national rights of South Park in 2024. It’s likely the series will head to Paramount+ as more hit shows are shelved for their owners’ streaming apps. Ask Warner, who took Friends back from Netflix not too long ago.

The five-year deal, signed by HBO Max in 2019, cost $500 million, which is a big number, but not as costly as similar deals signed for shows like Seinfeld and Office. South Park will leave HBO Max for Paramount+ later this year in territories outside of the United States.

Data from Parrot Analytics, which takes into account consumer search data, streaming, downloads and social media, among other consumer engagement, indicated that South Park had 48 times the average HBO Max consumer demand. It might seem like a roundabout way to measure things, but compare it to comic book sales. It is rare for publishers to provide specific numbers, so an index is created to

Other HBO Max hits include The Big Bang Theory and Our flag means deathas well as adult entertainment rick and morty. Our flag means deathAs Peacemaker before that, became more popular as it went and retained higher ratings after its finale dropped, according to Parrot. The Big Bang Theory is interesting, because it seems to perform better than comparable series like Seinfeld and Friends. This is probably due to the fact that Young Sheldon continues to be a big hit on CBS, and it keeps the characters and their stories front and center in the minds of audiences.

In addition to the standard episodes of the long-running anime series, South Park recently had a pair of special episodes about the Covid-19 pandemic, which were heavily promoted and got a ton of attention.

Javier E. Swan