HungryPanda has teamed up with CrazyLaugh Comedy to host a Chinese comedy show in NYC

NEW YORK, September 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Over the past two weeks, HungryPanda, the world’s largest Asian food delivery platform, has cooperated with CrazyLaugh Comedy to successfully host two Mandarin comedy shows in New York. Over the past two weeks, world-leading Asian food delivery platform HungryPanda has cooperated with CrazyLaugh Comedy to successfully host two Mandarin comedy shows in New York.

CrazyLaugh Comedy and HungryPanda stand-up crews

With the performance of the fifth season of “Rock & Roast”, an online variety show where Chinese comedians compete, China warms up to jokes and teasing again. The show has become one of the most popular entertainment television programs in China. Meanwhile, the market for Chinese stand-up comedians is growing, especially in the United States.

CrazyLaugh Comedy is the New York one China’s first stand-up comedy club and it has held dozens of events since March 2022. The partnership between HungryPanda and CrazyLaugh Comedy is to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is the second important festival for Chinese people.

This event was held on September 4 and 9, on the theme of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Besides stand-up comedians, CrazyLaugh also invited the New York Hanfu Corporation and New York’s Chinese community to further showcase traditional Chinese culture through festivals and events.

Kitty Ludirector of public affairs at HungryPanda, said, “Chinese stand-up comedy has grown rapidly in recent years, and Chinese artists have started to appear in many countries where we operate. Through the event, more overseas Chinese, especially younger generations, can express their views and attitudes; on the other hand, hearing Chinese comedies abroad also brings people closer to each other and feels the warmth and happiness brought by Chinese people in a foreign country. »

She added, “HungryPanda is always trying new ways to build cohesion and national sense of belonging among overseas Asians. This cooperation with CrazyLaugh Comedy can constantly introduce more traditional Chinese culture during the Mid-Festival. autumn, a family reunion day, while also conveying the life of the Chinese community in a joyful way and relieving the anxiety caused by the pandemic and inflation.”

Rachel (47) from CrazyLaugh Comedy said, “As the first Chinese stand-up comedy club in the Greater New York region, we have now become a platform for Chinese cultural exchange for all and welcome all Chinese-speaking friends from all walks of life to inspire cohesion through laughter and help reshape the so-called mainstream culture.

As the largest overseas Asian food delivery platform, HungryPanda is committed to improving the quality of life and supporting the development of overseas Asian communities. In the future, HungryPanda plans to expand its service to more Asian communities and bring more joys with various festival events.



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