‘I wondered what is this life?’

Comedian Bharti Singh is among the most popular television stars today. Not only did she prove herself to be a great comedian, but she also acted as a funny TV host by hosting several reality shows. However, Bharti’s journey to the top was not easy. In a recent interview, the comedian revealed that during her early days, she learned the hard way that the show had to go on!

Bharti Singh, who is expecting her first baby with her husband Haarsh Limbachiyaa, recalled in a recent interview that her mother was hospitalized while taking part in the Great Indian Laughter Challenge. When she reached the semi-finals, her mother was in intensive care after being diagnosed with an ulcer. Bharti remembered she had to make people laugh as she worried about her mother.

“When I did my first show, The Laughter Challenge, we were put up in a hotel. We used to eat home-cooked food, so after eating hotel food for a while, my mother developed an ulcer. She was in intensive care and I was supposed to make people laugh, I had a shoot, it was the semi-finals. When I was sitting backstage…I had left my mother in the hospital with an oxygen mask…I can only think of my mother’s condition. I asked myself, ‘I don’t know if I’m going to win, I don’t get paid for this, I’m just a competitor and I still have to make the public laugh, what is this life? Is this how artists should live? I was just out of college at the time,” she told RJ Siddharth Kannan in a recent interview.

“That’s when I learned that if you want to be an artist, you have to get out of the house leaving all your worries behind and focus on your responsibilities. You can’t say on stage that I’m going to make you laugh a little less because my mom is in the hospital,” she added.

Bharti participated in the fourth season of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. She ended the show as the second runner-up. Today Bharti has hosted a host of shows including India’s Got Talent 8, Hunarbaaz: Desh Ki Shaan and will now be seen on The Khatra Khatra Show.

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Javier E. Swan