“It’s a scientific phenomenon known as Aaron Rodgers”

Aaron Rodgers’ public image has been heavily battered since it became apparent that he had misled the public about his COVID vaccine status, claiming he had been “immune” in response to a question about his vaccination status.

Aaron Rodgers is still a very respectable quarterback, but comedian Stephen Colbert has ridiculed his stock off the field even more and stabbed the knife even deeper while talking about the new variant of the Coronavirus.

Stephen Colbert was talking about the new Omicron variant of the Coronavirus which has been isolated and identified in southern Africa. There are believed to be mutations in the virus’s spike protein, which could cause it to elude current vaccine immunity, which better protects against other variants of the virus.

One of the reasons that variants arise is that the virus mutates naturally as part of the process of natural selection during evolution. Each mutation increases the chances of the virus spreading, but not all are equally worrying. An increase in vaccination may also decrease the possibility of such mutations, as the multiplication of the existing virus slows down in the individual and the community.

All governments overreact (fear consolidates power). Instead of having fully vaccinated travelers take RT-PCR tests, the answer is to vaccinate those who are not vaccinated. The mutation occurs there.#Omicron

But because Stephen Colbert is a comedian, he didn’t launch a rant against Aaron Rodgers for not taking the vaccine when he had access to it. Instead, he clearly linked the rise of the Omicron variant in parts of the world to a lower incidence of vaccination with Aaron Rodgers own unscientific stance on vaccinations.

To be clear, the Omicron variant has not yet been fully investigated, and Stephen Colbert appeared to acknowledge that:

“Omicron seems to escape vaccines. “

But what a bland statement like the one above doesn’t convey is the premonition of a zinger that follows right after. In one line, Stephen Colbert absolutely toasted Aaron Rodgers for his anti-vaccine stance:

“It’s a scientific phenomenon known as Aaron Rodgers.”

The conciseness of the comment elicited laughter from everyone watching and those who have followed the increasingly bizarre Aaron Rodgers Covid saga. In one line, Stephen Colbert conveyed the idiocy of not listening to the scientific community and the risks that flow from it. It also shed light on how mutations occur in unvaccinated communities, which unlike Aaron Rodgers do not have access to vaccines, and how they can end up with all the progress made through the vaccination program.

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