Jacqueline Fernandez always wanted to be in movies, became a school TV host

Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez was born on August 11, 1985 in Manama, Bahrain. She is considered one of the pleasant and magnetic personalities of Bollywood. She has managed to charm pretty much all of India and her dance moves have rocked everyone in the nightclubs.

Jacqueline Fernandez family:

Jacqueline’s father, Elroy Fernandez, is from Sri Lanka and is a businessman by profession. At the same time, her mother Kim is Malaysian. According to some information, she was a flight attendant. Jacqueline also has two older brothers and a sister.

Jacqueline Fernandez Education:

Jacqueline Fernandez, famous for her million dollar smile, had her early education at the Sacred Heart School in Bahrain. After that, she completed her degree in Mass Communication at the University of Sydney. She trained as an actress at the John School of Acting.

Jacqueline Fernandez graduated with a degree in mass communication from the University of Sydney (file photo)

Career of Jacqueline Fernandez:

Jacqueline Fernandez hosted a TV show when she was just 14 years old while studying at school. Although she grew up in Bahrain and completed her education in Australia, she began her modeling career in Sri Lanka. In 2006, she became Miss Sri Lanka. Later, she came to India for a modeling assignment but fate had other plans and she was offered a Bollywood movie.

Jacqueline Fernandez case:

Jacqueline Fernandez dated the Prince of Bahrain for a few years. According to media reports, the two were in a serious relationship. After coming to Bollywood, she dated Sajid Khan for three years. However, due to Sajid Khan’s overly possessive nature, they broke up.

Instagram of Jacqueline Fernandez:

Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez is very popular on social media. She has 6 crores and 31 lakh followers on Instagram. Jacqueline has also worked in music videos and she runs an NGO in Sri Lanka. She is very fond of traveling, gymnastics, dancing and swimming.

The Enforcement Directorate is currently investigating the Sukesh Chandrasekar case. Jacqueline has been linked to this case because of her connection to Sukesh’s wife, Leela Paul.

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