Jerry Sadowitz’s Edinburgh Fringe comedy show canceled as venue says material ‘doesn’t align with our values’

The venue said the comedian’s performance ‘does not align with our values’

An Edinburgh Fringe show by comedian Jerry Sadowitz has been canceled by venue bosses.

The comedian and magician was due to take the stage at The Pleasance at the Edinburgh International Conference Center on Friday and Saturday.

Jerry Sadowitz tweeted after the cancellation.

The Pleasance said the second show would not take place as the performance “does not align with our values”.

The comedian is known for his aggressive performances.

The comedian is known for his aggressive performances.

The 61-year-old American-born Scotsman is known for his aggressive style in his comedic performances.

He said on Twitter: “Did a show last night, 75 mins, thought it went well. Didn’t see any walkouts.

“Today I was told my show was cancelled. Great stuff. I’m so sorry to everyone who traveled to see the show tonight.”

The venue’s original advertisement for the show warned of “strong language and themes that some might find distressing”.

However, on Saturday The Pleasance Theater canceled the second show “effective immediately”.

He said in a statement, “Opinions such as those displayed on stage by Sadowitz are not acceptable and The Pleasance is not prepared to be associated with such material.”

The Pleasance declined to elaborate on the circumstances of the cancellation.

It is understood that some audience members have expressed their dissatisfaction with some of the themes explored in the show.

Javier E. Swan