Joe Rogan: Popular show has been silent since host’s apology with no comment from Spotify

Since controversy erupted over the spread of Covid-19 misinformation on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, no new episodes have been uploaded to Spotify.

On Monday, the popular host posted an apology video via the platform and on his own Instagram page, but the last episode to go live was on January 27.

New content typically goes live four times a week, with episodes mostly airing Tuesday through Friday.

However, Friday January 28, Tuesday February 1, and Wednesday February 2 passed without any new episodes being uploaded.

The Independent contacted Spotify twice for comment regarding the apparent lack of new content from one of their biggest and most controversial stars.

The podcast’s fans and critics are eagerly awaiting its return to see if there will be a change in tone or format following the outcry and apology.

The Joe Rogan Experience brought in 11 million listeners per episode, and since controversy erupted over Covid misinformation, Mr Rogan has pledged to change its content going forward.

A wider range of guests has been touted and he says he will do “his best” to research topics in more depth before interviews take place.

Mr Rogan has been active through his own social media accounts over the past few days, tweeting about the truck convoy protests in Canada and the social credit system in China. He also posted videos on Instagram.

Last week, legendary musicians Neil Young and Joni Mitchell both called on Spotify to remove their catalog of tracks from the platform, in direct protest against Mr Rogan.

Other artists who have also left the platform include Graham Nash, India.Arie and Nils Lofgren.

Javier E. Swan