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The reasons why a loan can be refused are numerous, so before trying to make a request with another financial or bank, it is good to try to understand the reasons. These can mainly be of an income nature or linked to ” creditworthiness “. In both cases, for the immediate future, there may be a need to make corrections to your situation.


1) Financing denied due to income issues

1) Financing denied due to income issues

The credit scoring , which also includes the percentages of income that can be committed by a loan, varies from credit institution to another ( Pompass , Lendomestic , Quecredi , etc.), so it can happen that the same request, for the same amount, from one it is considered not proceedable while for another it is feasible.

To weigh, in addition to the consistency of one’s income, there are also dependents and the presence of other forms of financing (also as guarantor or for a credit line in red, etc.).

So before proceeding with a loan request it is good to inquire about the possibility of using a guarantor , and ask what is the percentage that the chosen company generally applies. The most wrong thing to do is that of the “attempt”, since a rejected loan application remains in the system for a month.


2) Registration to Crif

2) Registration to Crif

If the impedimental cause is attributable to creditworthiness, then the solution is immediately thought to be the cancellation from Crif , but in this regard three situations must be distinguished: positive merit, negative merit and no merit.

In fact, among the Crif databases there is that of positive merit , which is a valid help to obtain financing, as banks can trace the history and behavior of a potential customer, seeing that they have always paid on time ( obviously this should never be deleted from the system! ).

The problem can arise in the other two hypotheses since, if the merit is negative (for delays or missed payments), the situation must first be remedied. If, on the other hand, there is no merit because a person has never requested a loan, the loan can be refused even if apparently there are no reasons.

In this case, before trying to send a new request, it is good to ask for a credit card and start using it, so as to start building a good reputation.


The reasons for the refusal

loan refusal

In case of refusal the creditor must give reasons (most of the cases upon explicit request). This opportunity must always be exploited so as to modify, with certainty, what caused its rejection.

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