Manifest becomes the most popular show on Netflix with 57.1 million hours watched – The UBJ

Netflix statistics revealed that Manifest is currently the most-watched show on the streaming service. Last Friday marked the start of the sci-fi drama’s fourth and final season, and over the weekend it racked up 57 million views, propelling it to the No. 1 spot in this week’s Top 10. Additionally, as viewers refreshed their memories in preparation for the new season, the first season received 20.3 million viewing hours in the previous week.

In anticipation of the coming season, Steven Moffat created a series of four episodes. Inside the mana four-part series by Steven Moffat, is currently in second place, while timbi and Attica Locke Of Scratch fell to third. The bastard son and the devil himself, Killer Sally, Cabinet of curiosities by Guillermo del Toroand Love Is Blind Season 3 are all included in the top 10 list. The Observer by ryan murphy was dropped from the top spot by Manifest. The serial killer drama Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Storywhich was produced by Murphy, topped the Netflix charts for 21 straight days before The Watcher dethroned it.

The first season of NBC’s Manifest debuted in 2018, but the show was canceled after three seasons. Until Netflix came to the rescue of the show and gave it a fourth season renewal in 2021, a fourth season was out of the question. While the second half of Season 4 is apparently being recorded, the first half is currently viewable on Netflix. Jeff Rake and david frankel are the creators and executive producers of the American supernatural drama series Manifest. The narrative centers on the passengers and crew of Montego Air Voyage 828 as they land safely after a tumultuous flight.

However, after five years, passengers and crew are notified upon arrival that the flight has been reported missing, with all passengers believed to be dead. The crew and passengers are confused and bewildered as they attempt to reintegrate into society while seeing voices and visions of the future, which adds to the mystery. The release date of the second half of season 4 is still unknown. Netflix currently offers streaming access to Seasons 1-3 and the first half of Season 4.

Javier E. Swan