Most Popular Show In All States During Coronavirus

Shelter-in-place and social distancing regulations have held many Americans home in recent months as the coronavirus pandemic continues to hang over the country. Households turned to streaming TV shows to pass the time, revisiting familiar favorites for convenience and discovering new series. recently conducted a survey to find the hottest TV shows in each of the 50 states and Washington D.C.Collecting data from nearly 7,000 viewers, the results show some states are seeking local representation, while more ‘others play the successes.

By far, “Friends” is the best show in the country. The NBC sitcom was named the most popular series in 11 states, including seven of the 10 most populous: California, Texas, Florida, New York, North Carolina, Georgia and Ohio, where it is tied with “NCIS.”

“Rick and Morty” came in second, named the best series in four states: Alaska, Arizona, Colorado and Nevada. Considering the popularity of shows that have aired for an extended period of time or have completed their runs, the Adult Swim animated series scoring second is a bit of a surprise. The show is currently airing new episodes of its fourth season.

Another notable phenomenon involves some states watching series set in local areas. The Albuquerque ensemble “Breaking Bad” is the most popular in New Mexico, alongside “Rick and Morty”. Missouri adopted “Ozark”, as a Netflix series on par with “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. Illinois is clearly number one, with NBC’s mainstay “Chicago PD” being the most watched show. As to the superlative popularity of criminal proceedings in Pennsylvania, it remains a more intriguing mystery.

Javier E. Swan