Netflix fans share tip to avoid spoilers after feature film ‘ruins’ popular show

Netflix fans have discovered a simple trick that will help users avoid major spoilers.

The streaming giant’s autoplay feature has been heavily criticized for revealing too much of the storyline before users choose to watch the movie or TV show.

Recently, a Reddit thread went viral after someone complained the Netflix feature was ‘ruining’ the popular show ozark for them.

The drama series debuted its final run last month, but a major cliffhanger car crash was instantly resolved thanks to the autoplay feature.

It’s not the first time this has happened. In 2015, the identity of the evil antagonist “A” was accidentally revealed in the preview of Pretty Little Liars.

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Some fans say the latest Ozark series was ‘ruined’ because of Netflix’s autoplay feature

However, one person shared a genius hack to fix the problem.

“You can disable trailers and clips in your account settings. But only via PC/laptop,” they said.

“Once I did this I never looked back,” another user commented. “[It] solves the problem completely.”

Another Netflix fan says the hack also works on iPhone – perfect for those who want to stream without the dreaded spoilers.

However, some Reddit users have speculated that the autoplay feature was strategically deployed by Netflix to boost view counts.

“Do you know why they’re doing this? Because it works. About 20 years ago, marketers realized that people like to know what they’re going to watch. And in many cases, they want to know what they’re going to watch. ‘they’ll see it before they see it,’ user Papatonepictures said.

“As an audience member, that just doesn’t make sense to me. Surprises and not knowing what’s coming are my favorite things about experiencing a story.

“But apparently if you look at the marketing test, the larger percentage of viewers are more likely to pay to see a story that was spoiled for them.”

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Javier E. Swan