Netflix Just Canceled This Popular Show That Hit No. 1

Netflix has canceled another popular series, with superhero drama Raising Dion killed off after its second season.

The news was announced by actor Sammi Haney, who posted on Instagram (opens in a new tab) that she was “sad to say Raising Dion is CANCELED 😳😢” before thanking fans for their support and pointing out that many of them wanted a third installment of the show.

Haney’s costar Alisha Wainwright also took to social media following the show’s demise, Tweeter (opens in a new tab) that she was “heartbroken” not to have a third season. “I think Raising Dion has done so much for little black and brown kids and kids with disabilities,” she added.

The decision is somewhat surprising, given that Raising Dion got a healthy 83% of reviews on rotten tomatoes (opens in a new tab)although an average Audience Score of 52% isn’t quite as positive.

And, as Haney’s Instagram post made clear, he’s certainly found plenty of fans on Netflix, briefly topping the streaming service’s US top 10 when its second series aired in February this year and finishing second at worldwide for the week ending February 6. some 108.75 million viewer hours in its first 26 days on the service, as detailed by What’s on Netflix (opens in a new tab).

The Michael B Jordan-produced show was based on a 2015 comic by Dennis Liu and follows 10-year-old Dion Warren (Ja’Siah Young) as he mysteriously acquires superhero abilities. His single mother Nicole (Wainwright) tries to help him deal with his new powers and understand their origin, while dealing with the death of her husband. Haney played Esperanza Jimenez, Dion’s classmate and best friend.

It’s another addition to Netflix’s list of canceled shows in 2022, following Archive 81, The Baby-Sitters Club, Gentefied, and On the Verge. And Netflix isn’t stopping there, the streamer just canceled another show after just one season just days after Raising Dion was dropped.

Last week, we also heard that an in-development anime adaptation of the Bone comic book series was reportedly canceled before the first episode aired, and that a sequel to Will Smith’s Bright movie will no longer be made.

Analysis: What exactly is Netflix’s strategy?

This cancellation is yet another confusing one. Like Archive 81 and The Baby-Sitters Club, Raising Dion seemed to be popular with critics and found an audience on Netflix. If a show that was both successful and highly rated is killed off prematurely, why should subscribers to what is still one of the best streaming services stick around?

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Obviously, money could be an issue. We don’t know what Raising Dion’s budget was, but we do know that Netflix is ​​struggling right now, having just lost subscribers for the first time in over a decade and with predictions that things will get worse before to improve.

Meanwhile, we heard earlier this week that Netflix spent $30 million per episode on Stranger Things season 4; that’s $270 million in total if true, which may have impacted decisions about which other shows to cancel. While Netflix seems to like investing in true crime, Hulu is hot on its heels with shows such as The Dropout (just released) and we bet many will tune in to watch Under the Banner of Heaven online to see Andrew Garfield star in the next big true crime show.

Of course, this is just a theory; Netflix has vast amounts of data on how shows are viewed, and most of it is not made public. Maybe Raising Dion had a retention issue or there was some other factor behind his demise. For example, Netflix is ​​losing Schitt’s Creek to one of its biggest competitors, but maybe it’s more because of how tired the CBC is of working with Netflix.

What we do know is that at one point not too long ago it was the #1 show on US Netflix for at least a day – leaving us with more questions than answers and asking us more and more if there was any interest in watching a new series on Netflix.

There’s a silver lining to Raising Dion’s cancellation, however: Haney’s Instagram post also pointed out that her Netflix contract barred her from accepting other major roles and that she would now be free to take them on.

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Javier E. Swan