Netflix’s Most Popular Show “CoComelon” To Get Spinoff Series

Looking at 2021 so far, it’s hard not to think of shows like Ginny and Georgia, Bridgerton, and Manifesto when you consider Netflix’s stacked lineup. Ginny and Georgia set a record by recording 29 consecutive days dominating the Top 10 of the charts; Bridgerton had the most successful 28-day opening ever on Netflix; and Manifesto is currently in the middle of a run that could result in a fourth season for the series.

As of this writing, however, none of those shows are slated to have a second season. And, believe it or not, none of those shows were Netflix’s most popular show of 2021.

Which program has been more popular than any of them? This show actually just got a spinoff series, as well as its own lineup of promotions and compilations that are slated to air on Netflix in 2022.

If you don’t know now I’m talking about CoComelon—The learning program for preschoolers that is breaking records left and right on Netflix. The workshop behind CoComelon, Moonbug Entertainment Ltd., just signed a deal with Netflix that will result in a range of new specials and four nursery rhyme compilations, as well as three seasons of an all-new series called CoComelon Way.

The next show will offer new adventures of CoComelonThe main character of JJ, as he and his child friends experience life-changing moments. The upcoming spin-off will include three seasons and 24 episodes lasting seven minutes each.

On top of that, another Netflix program from Moonbug called little ass baby will have its own spinoff series called Little Baby Bum: music time, which will be supported by 48 episodes when it is released in 2023.

As much as Netflix’s adult entertainment dominates the news, it’s CoComelon he’s the real star of the world’s most popular streaming service since it debuted in June 2020. The program premiered in the Top 10 on August 27, 2020. And in the 321 days since, CoComelon was part of these daily charts for 317 of them, for an occurrence rate of 96.9%. It’s a staggering statistic that no other show on Netflix has yet come close to matching.

We do not have precise figures on CoComelonNetflix’s audience on Netflix, but we’ve got these top 10 rankings. And last year, I launched a system that tracks every day that every TV show ranks in this top 10 list and awards points. And according to this system, no other show has dominated Netflix like CoComelon has since the start of the Top 10 list in February 2020:

  1. CoComelon – 1,903 points
  2. The Queen’s Gambit – 621 points
  3. Bridgerton – 508 points
  4. Ginny and Georgia – 465 points
  5. Cobra Kai – 456 points
  6. The Office – 453 points
  7. Who killed Sara? – 390 points
  8. King Tiger – 387 points
  9. Ozark – 377 points
  10. Lucifer – 369 points

I mean … come on. CoComelon almost tripled the next closest competitor, The Queen’s Gambit, and more than quadrupled most of the other top ten shows. While other programs go viral for short periods of time, CoComelon has maintained its popularity endlessly since its inception.

It’s no surprise to see CoComelon find that kind of success. At the end of last year on YouTube, the viral children‘s the brand topped 100 million subscribers – a number that now stands at 113 million, the second highest on record. And in total, CoComelon generated more than 105 billion views, which is also the second highest number of all time.

And with access to a much smaller base on Netflix, it makes sense that CoComelon would continue to dominate as it has over the past 327 days – and explains why Netflix is ​​betting big on its most popular show. The selection of shows targeting a younger demographic is limited on Netflix, so why not invest in the show that clearly works?

Details of Netflix’s Moonbug deal leaked, but you have to think it’s a fat number. After all, Netflix has bet a lot on people like Shonda Rhimes (Grey‘s Anatomy, Scandal, Bridgerton), who signed a $ 100 million contract, and Ryan Murphy (american horror story, Glee, Ratched), which was awarded $ 300 million for its services. What if these creators can land hundreds of millions of dollars … what would Netflix pay for what could be its greatest show of all time?

Javier E. Swan

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