One Show host Zoe Ball divides viewers by looks

Zoe Ball hosted The One Show last night but left many viewers divided over her appearance.

The radio presenter, 51, has teamed up with Gethin Jones to host the BBC One show on Friday.

But Zoe’s rather large glasses caught the eye of viewers watching.

Zoe hosted The One Show with Gethin Jones. (BBC)

The One Show last night

Zoe wore a white sweater and khaki pants with sneakers to host the program.

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But it was his big square bezels that viewers focused on more.

Some loved the specs while others were less than enthusiastic.

Zoe Ball wearing a white sweater and glasses in The One Show on April 8, 2022
Zoe’s glasses divided viewers watching (Credit: BBC)

One person said on Twitter while watching the show: “Awful features Zoe.”

Another wrote: “#TheOneShow @ZoeTheBall, sorry but those glasses don’t fit you at all.

However, another tweeted: “I like @ZoeTheBall’s #glasses accommodation #theoneshowwhere does she get it from?

Another added: “You have a little face Zoe. These mahoosive specs are not suitable for your face.

A fan just gushed about Zoe’s presence on the show, writing, “I love to see @ZoeTheBall on TV tonight!”

Zoe Ball and Gethin Jones present The One Show on April 8, 2022
Gethin said he’s been trying to work with Zoe for 10 years! (Credit: BBC)

The One Show presenters

During last night’s episode of The One Show, Zoe and Gethin talked about working together.

Gethin said he had been waiting 10 years to work with Zoe, saying, “I’ve been trying to work with you for about ten years.”

So, for one night only, the first and last time we’ll be together.

Zoe added, “We worked on the same show but they would never let us present at the same time.

“So for one night only, the first and last time we’ll be together.”

Cruise with host Susan Calman on The One Shoe
Susan distracted viewers with the way she sat earlier this week. (BBC)

Elsewhere, earlier this week viewers of The One Show were busy tweeting about a guest.

Susan Calman appeared on the program to promote her new show, Cruising with Susan Calman.

But it was the way she sat on the couch that sparked the reaction from viewers.

As she spoke to hosts Alex Jones and Harry Judd, Susan had one leg tucked under the other.

A viewer tweeted: “Feet on the furniture!!

Another said: “Ccould you give Susanna a small stool. It’s hard when your feet don’t touch the ground.

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A third added: “Can you get Susan a stool? Her feet are dangling and she doesn’t look entirely comfortable.

The One Show airs on BBC One weekdays at 7 p.m.

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Javier E. Swan