Ovesen satisfied with the first TOP Entertainment show in Dubai

Thomas Ovesen and 50 Cent, the first major artist promoted by Ovesen’s new company, TOP Entertainment

Thomas Ovesen told Pollstar he was happy with his first show promoted by his new venture in the Middle East after the pandemic: 50 Cent’s sold-out concert at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai on September 30.

Ovesen, who has promoted some of the biggest names in music in the region, launched TOP Entertainment earlier this year. 50 Cent’s September 30 show, which sold north of 13,000 tickets, according to Ovesen, represented the first major superstar promoted by TOP

The second would have been two Justin Bieber concerts at the same venue, on October 8 and 9, but the artist pulled out of his “Justice World Tour”, citing the need to prioritize his health, as has reported Pollstar last month.

“The dawn of a new era” – The Middle East is open for business

Ovesen said, “After canceling two sold-out Justin Bieber shows in October, this is a great start to the new venture and season I could wish for, and the partnership with APA and Coca Cola Arena on this show of ability assures me of the regional potential of the live industry and that I was right to trust a strong presence in the United Arab Emirates as the best base for the operation in the Middle East.

Thomas Ovesen spoke at length about the Middle East’s touring potential in Pollstar’s recent special on the region.

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Javier E. Swan