Peacock’s most popular show is SNL, but its originals are not in demand

NBCU’s Q2 2021 report is here, and while Peacock is doing well as a streaming service, NBC’s platform is falling behind in the original content department.

Looking at the numbers, let’s start with the positives. Peacock’s share of the demand for platform content in the second quarter of 2021 in the United States was 8.3% according to Parrot Analytics. This puts it in fifth place overall, and just above Paramount + at 7.9%. Peacock is right and slightly behind HBO Max, which has 9.8%.

Hulu is the leader in terms of in-demand content with 21.4%, and Netflix comes in second with 18%.

So Peacock’s performance is holding up pretty well, but content-wise, Peacock’s Library NBC catalog does all of the heavy lifting. Peacock’s most requested show by a landslide is Saturday Night Live. The comedy skit has been around for decades, so it has a cult following with a fan base. Plus, there are 45 seasons all available on the platform, which means hundreds of hours of reruns. Plus, most of the older seasons from the 1970s and 80s are almost impossible to find on DVD or elsewhere.

SNL has 55 times more demand than any other show on Peacock, a huge margin over the second title in demand. Next in line is The voice, with 29x demand, followed by Law and Order: SVU and Office with 28x and 27x demand.

But while Peacock’s rear bookshelf is doing pretty well, his originals aren’t doing so well. In fact, his most popular Original is not Girls 5eva, Rutherford Falls, Where AP Bio, it’s Georges curious. That’s right, a children’s cartoon that is undoubtedly watched on repeat by children who enjoy repetition. There is something to be said for landing a kid’s hit to put you on the most watched list, CoComelon on Netflix is ​​consistently in the top 10 streamers.

But compared to what other streaming services do with their original content, Peacock’s Curious georges and his next highly requested title, Rutherford Falls, falls to the very bottom of the list, under Paramount + and Shudder. Netflix and Disney + top the list, both with outstanding ratings for Strange things and The Mandalorian.

In short, churn occurs when viewers feel like there is nothing new or interesting to watch. So while the legacy content on streaming services turned out to be a great initial draw, as evidenced by shows such as SNL and Office on Peacock, it’s the new originals that will keep viewers coming back for more.

Javier E. Swan

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