RTE Today Show host Maura Derrane says she’s not paranoid about young women stealing her job

RTE star Maura Derrane said she was not worried about young people stealing her job.

The Today Show host first appeared on screens in 1996 as a reporter on TG4 and since then the Galway star has been a favorite with viewers.

She first came to mainstream attention when she started hosting Ireland AM in 2004 and since 2012 has been lighting up people’s screens on RTE’s Today afternoons with Daithi O Se.

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But Maura spoke about the pressures women face in television.

“It’s a visual medium. People look and judge and they are more likely to look at me than Daithí like that.

“They look at what I’m wearing, my makeup, I’ve gained weight.

“It all depends on your appearance. »

When asked how she handles the pressures, she replied, “You have to position yourself on shows that aren’t really about looks. You have to box a little intelligently.

“But you can’t worry about someone coming up behind you, 20 years younger. It’s just ridiculous. You can’t be paranoid about other young people.

“I don’t have what they have – years less – but they don’t have what I have – years of experience, years of knowledge.”

But she said she wasn’t worried about the end of the season and the return of the afternoon show.

“I’m really not worried about next season as far as work is concerned, because if it ends, it ends, and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.”

But she admitted she felt women were “losing themselves” when they started having children.

“I think women, when you have kids, you sort of lose yourself. You have to work a little harder for it,” she told the Sunday Independent People and Culture magazine.

“You forget yourself, you lose yourself and I am guilty of losing myself. I lost a bit of me. Just for my work, I think I would go crazy. I am very complete in my work, but I got a little lost along the way”.

In 2020, the broadcaster made the decision to step back from full-time hosting duties on the Today show, reducing his workload to three days a week in order to spend more time with his beloved son of eight years, Cal.

But Maura said it wasn’t something she “wanted” to do but felt she had “no choice but to put family first” adding: “If the show wasn’t in Cork, there’s no way I would have backed down.”

Maura pointed out that men don’t struggle the same way when they become parents because “they can easily walk through that door” and that women are naturally more active when they become mothers.

“Men just do what they do, exactly the same thing,” she added.

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Javier E. Swan