RTE viewers were left speechless as Liam Neeson tells Late Late Show host Ryan Tubridy he’s approaching 70

RTE viewers were left speechless tonight as Liam Neeson told Late Late Show host Ryan Tubridy that he was approaching 70.

Tonight, the actor revealed his intention to shoot a film about the Tuam babies scandal after being “horrified” by the story.


The actor appeared on RTE’s Late Late ShowCredit: AP: Associated press
796 babies and young children buried in a wastewater tank at the Tuam Mother and Baby Home


796 babies and young children buried in a wastewater tank at the Tuam Mother and Baby HomeCredit: EPA

Appearing on RTE’s Late Late Show, Liam recalled the moment he first heard about the discovery of the bodies of 796 babies in a sewage tank at the Tuam Mother and Baby Home.

He said: “I read this and couldn’t find the words. I am Irish and I was raised into a Catholic and a very strong Catholic and I was filled with emotion. I was filled. of horror and I was filled with embarrassment.

“For the first time in my life and I made 93/94 movies, I had never felt that way before. I was lying on my bed, I got up and I thought I was going to do something about it. Whatever celebrity status I have in the movie world, I’m going to do something. “

The Hollywood actor, from County Antrim, shared how he is determined to make a film about the heart-wrenching history.


Liam visits Catherine Corless, the Irish historian who compiled the information on the deaths of the Tuam babies.

The historian’s work led to the creation of a Commission of Inquiry into the Treatment of Women and Children in Institutions.

He said: “I called my producer friend, she’s been working with Ridley Scott and for less than 22 years and I said, ‘José, I’m going to send you this article, I want you to read it, we are going to produce. a movie about it, we have to do it Don’t ask me where the motivation comes from, we have to do it.

“She read it and said ‘yeah, I’m on board.’ We approached Rose Garnett, the director of BBC Films, we had this extorting writer.

“I was filming in Belfast, and I visited Catherine in Galway and her lovely husband, Aidan three years ago. I spent a few hours there, and I was just struck by the humility of this ordinary and extraordinary woman and her husband.

“She told me about this amazing story. So we’re going to make this movie, we have a great screenwriter on board, and I told Catherine to be patient with us because the filming process can take a long time. , for example, Shindler’s List took 10 years to come together until we had a script.


The actor added: “This Tuam Babies movie won’t take 10 years, it’s been three years already but we are very close to completion. Hopefully in a year we will start production on it to tell history to the world. “

Ryan spoke briefly with Liam about his upcoming birthday as he marks the age of 70.

Viewers took to Twitter, shocked to learn of Liam’s age.

Niall said: “Liam Neeson is 69 ????? #latelate #LateLateShow”

Fiona tweeted: “Liam Neeson turns 70 next year? Talk about aging well #latelate #latelateshow @RTELateLateShow”.


Caroline wrote: “” Liam Neeson 70 years old next year ?? What? What about Clint Eastwood 91? mind-blowing #LateLate “.

Others were impressed by Liam’s story and described him as “great”.

Kris said: “Liam Neeson is a great man”.

Mad said: “Liam Neeson speaking the facts.”

James added: “Liam neeson is a true Irishman”.

And Dorothy said Liam is “a great actor, combined with using his contacts to do good for others, makes him a fantastic human being.”



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A memorial for the Tuam Babies


A memorial for the Tuam BabiesCredit: PA

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