“Saturday Night Takeaway” Filming Locations: The Entertainment Show

Saturday night takeout

ITV is a hub for reality shows. Saturday Night Takeaway is a one-of-a-kind show airing on ITV. Saturday Night Takeaway is in its 18th season and is one of audiences’ most beloved shows. The UK TV show is given by Anthony and Declan. The show’s full name is Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. The show’s format is heavily influenced by previous Saturday night light entertainment shows. It focuses on a mix of live and pre-recorded entertainment and quiz segments.

The series was a great success. It is therefore in its 18th season. The show has won various prestigious nominations as well as awards. Saturday Night Takeaway is an entertainment-based show. Therefore, the creators had to very carefully select the filming location for the show. They always keep in mind that the location should be suitable for filming entertainment tasks. Here, we’ll walk you through the concept, cast, and filming locations of Saturday Night Takeaway. Let’s go.

Saturday Night Takeout: Show Concept

The concept of the show always attracts the audience. Television is full of reality shows. Therefore, viewers always want something unique to watch. If the concept of the show is the same as that of other reality shows, viewers lose interest in it. Saturday Night Takeaway is different from other shows. Each episode begins with a series of segments. The segment includes specially made games, comedy or entertainment films, audience participation either by a studio audience member or an unsuspecting spectator or audience member.

Saturday night takeout
Saturday Night Takeout: Ant & Dec

The series finale features performances by a renowned musician, dance group, and singer. Saturday Night Takeaway episodes air live all weekend during prime time on Saturday nights for the duration of the series. The series is the ultimate watch for someone who enjoys watching entertainment-based shows. With so many seasons already aired, it can be said that it is quite popular among the audience.

Saturday Night Take Away Cast

Saturday Night Takeaway featured a number of successful celebrities. Some of the stars who were part of Saturday Night Takeaway are Andi Peters, Fleur East, Stephen Mulhern, Scarlet Moffatt, Ashley Roberts and Kristy Gallacher. The show first aired on ITV in 2002. In 2013 Anthony and Declan became co-producers. Then the series is also known as Ant & Dec Saturday Night Takeaway.

Take-Away Saturday Night Filming Locations

Saturday Night Takeaway is an entertainment-based show. Each episode brings new ideas and hence they have to be very creative in deciding what the Saturday Night Takeaway filming location would be. Each episode is filmed live in the studio and for offsite broadcasts across the country, as well as pre-recorded for the filmed portions. The main filming location for Saturday Night Takeaway was Studio 1 at London Studios. The live portions of the studio were broadcast from Studio 1 at London Studios. The creators have included backstage spaces near the studio for different sketches and presenter quips.

West London Studios
West London Studios

Saturday Night Takeaway uses a lineup of co-stars who would perform offsite portions. There was a change after the end of the 15th season of Saturday Night Takeaway. Live studio parts would no longer be performed at London studios due to the site’s impending closure and sale. The globe has been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, which has caused filming for Saturday Night Takeaway to be postponed. Live filming was halted. For the 16th season, the live studio segments were filmed at a new location. Studio TC1 was the new site. West London was the location of the studio. The format of the finals changed in 2016. Vacation packages to lucky winners from across the country were offered as part of their prize.

The first finale shot under this new format was in MV Britannia. But he was arrested in Spain on his way to the UK. The concept’s popularity led to the adoption of additional locations outside the United States, including Walt Disney World in Florida in 2017 and Universal Orlando in 2018. Walt Disney World was the makers’ first choice to shoot the 2020 finale , but it was closed due to the pandemic.

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