Seniors crack the latest jokes during a comedy show

The Buckeye Standup Comedy Club will honor its senior graduates at the final show of the semester Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Fourth Street Taproom & Kitchen. Credit: Courtesy of Leon Brodsky

The senior stand-up comedians will reflect on the fun side of their college careers as they prepare to take the stage one last time as students at Ohio State.

Buckeye Standup Comedy Club is an organization for students looking to get involved in stand-up comedy, offering club members the opportunity to perform sets at open-mic events around the Ohio State campus and from various locations in Columbus, according to his student organization page. Seniors will be able to get behind the mic once again during the Fourth St. Comedy Show Thursday at 7 p.m., according to the band. instagram.

Leon Brodsky, a fourth-year neuroscience major, said he joined the organization in October 2021 hoping to discover a new hobby after his friends encouraged him to try stand-up due to his good storytelling skills. Brodsky said watching popular comedians inspired him to get into the mindset of a stand-up comedian.

“I thought I’d give it a try, and Buckeye Standup kind of helped me find my footing,” he said. “They help me work on my delivery and really perfect my material and to the point where the shows are things I really look forward to rather than being intimidated.”

Zach White, a fourth-year physics student, said that during his time with the organization he learned to write whole chunks starting with a small idea and putting pen to paper until that it looks like a performance.

Brodsky said much of his material comes from life stories — especially from his parents, who are both Russian immigrants. He also keeps a diary with him to write down the jokes he thinks of throughout the day.

“It doesn’t matter if I think it’s going to be a good joke or not, I can get it on paper, so I’m at least working on something every day,” Brodsky said. “I often find myself, even weeks later, going back to this old material and working on developing it and integrating it into my shows.”

Although Brodsky said he wished he had discovered the Buckeye Standup Comedy Club earlier in his college career, he said he was glad he found the organization. He said he hopes his comedy inspires others to try stand-up comedy and find material, even as he passes the torch to new members of the organization.

“It’s really not as scary as it sounds, and I know that, for me, I was inspired by a lot of other people when I watched them do stand-up, so I want have a similar effect,” Brodsky said.

White met some of his best friends through the Ohio State comedy community and said they shaped the way he approaches his own comedic style.

“It’s a really great group of people to hang out with because it’s a bunch of weirdos,” he said. “I think you really have to be a nice, empathetic person to, like, not be bad at acting.”

After graduation, White said he planned to move to Washington, D.C., and continue doing stand-up comedy. However, he said his last stand-up show as a senior at Ohio State was bittersweet.

“It’s the same way I feel about graduation,” White said. “I’m sad not to be in college anymore, but I can’t wait to see what’s next.”

Although Brodsky’s post-graduation plans are still on hold, he has said he would like to pursue stand-up comedy in some capacity, regardless of city.

“I want to go to open mics and I want to network with different comics in different cities,” Brodsky said. “The goal is that in a year I’ll be booked for shows.”

Brodsky said the stand-up comedy organization taught him many things that he can implement both on stage and in the real world after graduation, such as public speaking and keeping messages concise. and useful.

“Now I have this hobby that I really love and look forward to working whenever I have the time,” he said. “I’m really excited to see where this will take me after college because it’s something I definitely intend to pursue.”

The Buckeye Standup Comedy Club’s final show of the semester will take place at the Fourth Street Taproom & Kitchen, located at 1810 N. 4th St. Admission will be free and open to all.

Javier E. Swan