Taran Killam to Host NFL’s First Comedy Show, The Pile On

Taran Killam will host the NFL's first comedy show

Taran Killam
Photo: J.-C. Olivera (Getty Images)

If ABC turned its back on Taran Killam and the sitcom tragically gone too soon Single parentshe will take his talents where they are appreciated: the National Football League, Apparently. The Saturday Night Live alum was tapped to host the league’s first-ever comedy show, titled The NFL Pile On presented by Carnival Cruise Line. (Yeah.)

The half-hour comedy will air on Wednesdays to prepare Prime Video audiences for Amazon’s Thursday night football coverage. “Every week, The NFL stacks up will feature fun and unexpected moments from across the league, from players on the mic during pre-game warm-ups to post-game press conference one-liners – everything from studio broadcasts, social media and fashion faux pas will be fair game,” reads a press release. “And, with full access to the NFL Films content library, The stack on will also ensure that no epic fumble or comedic moment throughout the season-long NFL campaign goes unnoticed.

Killam will be joined by comedian Sarah Tiana and a rotating panel of special guests to “recap the funniest and most empowering NFL-focused clips from the past week.” In a promo for the show, the avowed LA Rams fan stands in front of a green screen television at the Soup Where Tosh.0. He also makes jokes at the expense of Prime overlord Jeffrey Bezos. (Box: Is that how you pronounce “Bezos”? Bo BurnhamThis writer’s catchy jingle misdirected this writer.)

“I’m so excited and grateful to help launch a show about two things I love: football and comedy,” Killam said in a statement. “The fact that we are backed by the NFL and Prime Video means that we can provide exclusive and accessible content to all Prime members and NFL fans… and also that I get everything The boys spoilers that I can handle. Don’t forget to wear your helmet, man.

Javier E. Swan