The Edge was the most violent sketch comedy show ever

Any mention of “The Edge” in 2022 will first mention its then-promising cast who will move on to bigger blockbuster projects. Jennifer Aniston (“Friends”) was part of the main cast, as were Wayne Knight (“Seinfeld”) and Tom Kenny (SpongeBob himself). Carol Rosenthal, James Stephens III and Jill Talley were also part of the main cast. Paul Feig and Alan Ruck appeared in a few episodes, and animated bumpers between sketches were provided by star animator Bill Plympton.

“The Edge” was sick, and that’s a big compliment. Almost every one of his sketches ended in death or violence. Buckets of blood were spilled and shots fired frequently; one of the show’s most notable segments was “Armed Family”, a sitcom parody in which every character was disastrously happy. In one of the killer opening sequences, the comedians were shot with arrows. In another, the cast was knocked over by a truck. In yet another, a huge blade decapitated them all in one fell swoop. “The Edge” was set in a universe where Jennifer Aniston would be teased by her co-stars for revealing that her bag of bowling balls contained nothing more than a simple bowling ball. All the others carry bloody severed human heads in theirs. ” Come back ! There’s blood on it! she shouted after them.

Brown also featured several send-ups of how women’s bodies were objectified by the media, and a running gag featured bikini-clad models jumping for the camera at the end of a sketch, along with the caption at SWEEPS WEEK screen. What better way to boost ratings than models in bikinis?

There’s too much extra greatness to tell here. Look for clips on YouTube to learn more.

Javier E. Swan